1. A

    Distributing specific information from one sheet onto 4 more sheets depending on values

    Hello everyone, I've been doing some research lately on this forums threads seeing if I can find a solution that is similar to the situation I'm in, but have found that while some come close, they weren't necessarily the fix I was looking for. I have a workbook where I'm forced to distribute...
  2. S

    Countif vba???

    I am trying to find a away to count how may times an employee number shows in Column F and results in Column U. I just can't get it to work with a formula let alone a VBA! I need the information to use in a formula to pro rate costs. I need the information to look like this: EE #...
  3. A

    Adding the date automatically when an input is inputted

    Without using Macros and VBA, is there a way for the date to automatically come out when a cell already has something inside it? For example: Let's say I want A2 to show today's date if some information is inputted in cell A1. =if(not(isblank(A1)),today(),"") will not work because it will...
  4. M


    Which is faster? I have two workbooks. One has all the personnel information and the other has equipment information. They team up to create picking sheets for the warehouse. Each provides information to the other one via vlookups. I was wondering if instead of doing a vlookup I could simply...
  5. O

    Autofill with gaps

    Hello all, The form that I am working with requires me to pull the information from a different sheet. The information is stored with a gap of 38 rows, so standard autofill doesn't work. Is it possible to achieve this? thank you, Oksana
  6. S

    create files with contact information list

    Hello, I have a list of contact information and a template to transfer it to. Information that has become a row will go to a fixed place in the template. how can we create a copy code for this? creating a copy of the existing template file in accordance with the number in column B would be...
  7. R

    pull data from sheet and put it into another sheet if that line is checked off

    I have a list of people with other information about that person and I want to get selected people and their columns of information into another sheet. Ideally I would like to have a column that I would put an x on the rows I want in the other sheet. Is there a way to do this?
  8. O

    Need help - cant figure out the right formula

    Hi, I'm having Excel issues and I'm stranded after multiple hours of googling. Question: How can I perform a VLOOKUP when the value is included in several rows (I want the highest number) Context: I have one overview where I wish list to various type of Information. This information have...
  9. H

    The extract range has a miising or invalid field name

    I borrowed some code that was in a worksheet that the people that came before me created... I have adapted it to work for me in another situation but I am wanting to modify it. Basically I have a data collection machine that creates csv files with information. I am wanting to extract...
  10. K

    Spell Check in UserForm

    Hi everyone, Is there a way that I can do a spell check in a UserForm, before the information is sent to the worksheet. I know I can add code to do a spell check after the information is added to the worksheet, but in my case, some of the text will be sent to two different worksheets. Therefore...
  11. J

    Help! Consolidating rows across columns with duplicate names!

    Hey, I've tried to look through the forum and see if this has been asked, I haven't found anything quite like what I'm looking for - Basically, I have information from a school. Column A is school ID, column B is a students name. Columns C through I have information regarding a particular...
  12. J

    Populate Table with filtered data from another table.

    Hello everyone, I have a spreadsheet at work that requires me to put the same information into two separate tables on two separate sheets. The master list containing all of the information unfiltered is on sheet name Raw and is shown below. Each "Name" has their own sheet with an identical...
  13. Weeble

    VBA Worksheet Change, loops and crashes Excel. How to work around?

    So I am trying to paste information into a sheet. When information is pasted i want this code to run. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)Dim emptyRow As Long 'Sätt fliken lager som aktiv Worksheets("Uppföljning").Activate 'Determine emptyRow emptyRow =...
  14. ECB

    Integrating Excel and Word

    Hello there, I hope this finds you all well. I'm back again, and I was hoping for some advice. As part of my work, I produce reports in Microsoft Word. Maybe about 30 pages long, largely the same text information, with an amount of financial information pulled across from a default...
  15. Z

    Macro to add a formula in a cell

    Hello All, Here is my situation, I have a macro that when a certain item is column "D". It formats several other columns in the same row that the information is being added. My situation is that part of the formatting is erasing information. The problem is that in column "AE" there is a...
  16. M

    Populate textbox dependent on combobox value

    Hi There, I have no idea where to start with this so would love some help. I have four comboboxes with twelve colours on the list (each has an identical list). Say the colour "Red" is selected in the combobox i want the textbox to populate with information which corresponds to the Value "Red"...
  17. A

    Inserting value from cell in another cell within quotes

    Hi all, I have a question that may be very basic, but I'm stumped. I have a list of thousands of values (CUSIP data), and I need the information in these cells for another formula. For example, cell A2 could be 99934U0F2, and I need that information to go into another formula in cell B2...
  18. S

    Not sure where to start. NOOB Q

    My apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but I'm not sure I even know what to search for :) I was wondering if there was a formula (or method) for excel to auto-complete or auto-fill data to the right using data pulled from another source when a value from a drop-down list...
  19. J

    microsoft excel is recovering information

    i cant open my userform becauses of the "microsoft excel is recovering information" .. it will onlly show when i clicked my assigned macro .. can help me guys ? im not an expert of this
  20. A

    Move certain data from one sheet to another

    My experience in Macros/VBA is pretty limited but I am slowly trying to get my head around it. I need some help finding a solution or code to help automate a part of a spread sheet which I will try and explain and hopefully someone can explain it to me. I have a excel workbook with two sheets...

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