1. 1

    Product of Index & matches - need help to make more efficient

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help to simplify the following: 1) I have 1 sheet with a large table A1:D4 showing sales volume (Mt) per productcode (column A) and per months of June, July and August (row 1) <tbody> June July August ProductCode1 100 50 200 ProductCode2 150 80 120...
  2. Y

    VLOOKUP or IF formula??

    I have a sheet where we calculate usage of an ingredient we use every day based on process orders. Daily Ingredient Usage The SAP GI can change if I fix a process order (didn't issue enough flour for the target) I need a vlookup (maybe an IF) that will lookup the date on above spreadsheet...
  3. N

    Returning list of column headers if a value in column A is detected

    I have a list of chemicals and ingredients in a chart and want to pull in a list of ingredients needed if I enter a the name of a chemical in column A into a cell. <colgroup><col style="width: 100px"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col...
  4. M

    Having Trouble Tackling a larger formula: need to return multiple values based on multiple criteria

    Hi All I have a fairly tricky situation that I'm trying to solve that I'm not entirely sure is possible. I'll give a brief explanation below but if anyone wants to attempt it I can give a more detailed examples of the data. I am trying to create a list that generates the items I need, in...
  5. N

    Move To New Row After Comma

    I have a list of ingredients in cell A1. Each ingredient is separated by a comma (,). How can I move each ingredient to its own row? EXAMPLE: ORIGINAL CELL A1 = water, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, glycerin WANTED CELL A1 = water CELL A2 = sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate CELL A3 =...
  6. M

    Index name of a product

    Hi guys, First of all, my apologies because I am attaching a picture. The excel add-in to upload files didn't seem to work with me I have this table of products. Some products have one active ingredient and some have more than one. I need help with a formula (in another table) that finds...
  7. T

    Math problem using Excel

    Say i have Ingredients A and B that form a solution with water. Ingredient A can be added up to 15 % of water solution volume. Ingredient B can be used up to 5 % of solution volume. Ingredients A and B in total can be used up to 15 % of solution volume. I need a calculator to count how much in...
  8. B

    Power Pivot to get sequence of ingredients

    Have a need to get a list of ingredients we will need based on a sequence list(schedule we will run) and an ingredient list. Here is simple list of data to show the tables I have and the output table based on these tables. I know it could be done with a macro but would prefer to have done with...

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