1. O

    Returning the 2nd, 3rd, 4th values from a cell based on a list

    Hi, I have a list of products in column A that contain different ingredients. I'm looking for a formula that can extract all ingredients found in column A2 from a separate list that I've created. I can find the first from the list and the last but there are some product that might contain up...
  2. D

    Macro to return value if cell contains certain text

    Hello, I would like to write a macro to return values in adjacent cell if a cell contains certain text. For example, if D2 contains any of the following, write the corresponding value in E2; same for D3, D4, etc.: If D2 contains "REG_EU", write Europe in E2 and/or If D2 contains "CN", write...
  3. J

    How to use SUMIFS with dynamic criteria?

    I don't even know how I'll explain this for you, here's the situation: Everyday at work we receive a "recipe" with the amount of ingredients we'll need to use that day to manufacture our products (we use the FEFO system to pick the ingredients). Today there's a person who compares the quantity...
  4. C

    Excel for Purchasing

    I have about 40 customers some providing 1-10 ingredients each. Rather than having a worksheet where I have to enter Supplier 1 10 times once per each of 10 products is there a way I can enter the data like its a card. entry : Customer ABC Date Approved : June 2010 #Products Approved: 4...
  5. N

    Returning list of column headers if a value in column A is detected

    I have a list of chemicals and ingredients in a chart and want to pull in a list of ingredients needed if I enter a the name of a chemical in column A into a cell. <colgroup><col style="width: 100px"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col width="100"><col...
  6. M

    Having Trouble Tackling a larger formula: need to return multiple values based on multiple criteria

    Hi All I have a fairly tricky situation that I'm trying to solve that I'm not entirely sure is possible. I'll give a brief explanation below but if anyone wants to attempt it I can give a more detailed examples of the data. I am trying to create a list that generates the items I need, in...
  7. W

    Correct way to link different workbooks

    Hi I'm new here and hope everyone is well! I have a spreadsheet a friend asked me for help, it's a meal planner spreadsheet that has sheets within (one of which is 'ingredients' and has a master of all ingredients in there) other sheets that are breakfast, lunch, recipes etc link to this with...
  8. G

    This thing is out of my league (SUM+lOOKUPV+INDIRECT in the same formula)

    Hello everyone, Im going crazy trying to make an excel sheet that is kinda out of my league. I have different worksheets with data arranged as follows, beggining at B5 Worksheet 1 Milk....2 Eggs...3 Yest...1 Worksheet 2 Milk....2 Eggs...3 Yest...1 Lettuce...4 My objective was to create...
  9. G

    Mapping from Rows into Columns with Shared Values

    Hi All; I have a lot of data (some of which I've shown below) that I'm trying to map in a certain way. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 27 1005516 1005510 1005511 1005510 1005514 1005511 1005411 1005511 1005513 1005512 1005510 1005513 1005410 1005515 1005512 1005516...
  10. F

    Vlookup and Sum across multiple tabs

    So I'm a chef and not great at spreadsheets, hoping for some help! Basically I have 15 tabs, one recipe per a tab with ingredients in one column and the corresponding kg in the next column. I am trying to create a summary - shopping list tab. I've manually listed all the individual ingredients...
  11. T

    Math problem using Excel

    Say i have Ingredients A and B that form a solution with water. Ingredient A can be added up to 15 % of water solution volume. Ingredient B can be used up to 5 % of solution volume. Ingredients A and B in total can be used up to 15 % of solution volume. I need a calculator to count how much in...
  12. Kentetsu

    Feeding a Variable to Application.Wait?

    Hi all, I'm attempting to reuse strTime as the variable for Application.Wait but I'm getting a "Type Mismatch" when it gets to that point. Any idea on how to make this work? Dim strMsg As String Dim strTime As String...
  13. C

    Find the oldest date in one cell based on a search for a keyword in other column

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with around 20,000 rows with two relevant columns, date, another cell with "ingredients", the ingredients column can have anywhere from 1 to like 10 items in it, the date cell is in a few formats (sometimes with month/day/year sometimes just year, and in one case a...
  14. K

    Add Missing Items to List

    Hello, I have a list of batch numbers (column A) along with the item number for the batch (column B) and a list of what ingredients were used in the batch (column C). I then have on sheet 2 a standard ingredient list for each item which has item in column A and then a list of ingredients in...
  15. D

    Several Vlookups from drop downs needing to add results in each cell

    So my spreadsheet has 7 drop down boxes with 10 choices, they all have the same choices which are Meal Choices, the ingredients are listed left to right in a table on a different sheet. This is to generate a complete ingredient list in a table of ingredients (already created) for all 7 drop...
  16. T

    Making a formula that by inputting a recipe, it gives the list of ingredients?

    Basically, I have several recipes and I would like to make it so if someone inserts a recipe code/name, it will "look up" and output the list of ingredients. Does anyone have ideas on how I can do this?:confused:
  17. A

    I am creating a intricate ingredient counter to help with grocery provisioning.

    Here is how it will work... I create a bunch of meals in separate files; A few called "Roasted Tomato Bisque", "Spicy Gazpacho", "Greek Pastitcio", and many more. I will have a excel file called "foodWeek" that is a basic calendar of the week and each day will have a drop down menu. In this...
  18. M

    Search a table, return an array

    0000 AAAAA BBBBB CCCCC DDDDD 1111 Sugar Raisin Dirt 2222 Milk Water Water Flour 3333 Flour Sugar Dirt 4444 Eggs Water Flour Sugar 5555 Water Milk Dirt I looked for a way to represent my data in a cleaner way than this but couldn't find any tools....a point in the right direction would be...

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