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    Worksheet_change only when user input value

    Hi, Is there any way to use worksheet_change event only when user input some value? I do not want to execute event when value will be added by macro. I know that can use Application.EnebleEvents but I really do not like it couse of possibility of demage all macros when some error occurring...
  2. S

    VBA for IE Date Picker Question about cell format

    Hi I think this might be a quick question for someone.... I have a line in my code to input the date from a cell into a date picker IE.document.getElementById("startDatePicker").Value = Selection.Offset(0, 11).Value The cell is formatted to Short Date. For example 10/01/2018.. but when it is...
  3. W

    Stuck on open file.

    Here is a bitof my script. It runs once just fine but if i run it a second time before shutting down the workbook I get an error "File already in open" on line 1. Which file and how can i close it? Open "C:\Users\test user\AppData\test.txt" For Input As #1 Do While Not EOF(1)...
  4. N

    Colleague managed to lock additional cells in a protected sheet, how?

    Hi I send out a report once a month to about 50 different people so they can fill it in and return it to me. I recently tried locking ranges of the report to try and reduce the amount of errors I was seeing in their submissions. However I just got a report sent back with a complaint that they...
  5. S

    Format/field width specifier for UserForm TextBox

    I have a TextBox on a UserForm that displays the results of calculations done inside the UserForm's code. I build up a string using the concatenate operator along with spaces (" ") and the values. When all calculations are finished, I print a report similar to the following: input output...
  6. K

    Optimum production on Excel Solver

    Everything I input into Solver is giving me a not feasible solution. How should I be setting up a linear regression to find optimal production with the following data? I'm also unsure of how to add a promotion, any tips? <colgroup><col width="157" style="width: 118pt;"><col width="65"...
  7. M

    UserForm1.TextBox2.Value = UserForm2.TextBox1.Text -----not working after first time

    Hello, I looked through a bunch of places and couldn't come up with an answer to help me. The problem I am having is that a macro I have is based on having the previous textbox having an input that was pulled from the previous input box. Example. First userform box pops up, and you input a...
  8. W

    Special characters in .txt file change during a Line Input in VBA

    Hi All, I am having issue when doing a Line Input from a text file that has special characters in it. For example, the μ in the text below changes to μ Here is a snippet of my code: Do Until EOF(FF) Line Input #1 , TextLine TextFileArray(c) = TextLine c = c + 1...
  9. D

    Help writing code: SaveAs with dialog box visible and undo vba code to specific point in form flow

    Hi all - have a very unique request. I need code that executes the following, can someone help me? Backdrop - my form file has code in it that hide sheets upon open as well as clears out radio buttons and input cells. As progression through the form is achieved certain code is triggered to...
  10. P

    Activate a file which using input box

    Hi all, i would like to "Activate" a file which is open but using an input box by VBA. An example of command is below but therefore that the file (e.g. "PAYROLL.xlsx") should activate by input box. Windows("PAYROLL.xlsx").Activate Thanking you in advance
  11. K

    input box in formula

    Hi Everyone I need a script to replace the '08-05 TO 08-11' with an input box. I need the user to define which pay period they are wanting to lookup and then place that formula into cell D2. =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(C2,'08-05 TO 08-11'!$C:$Q,2,0),"") Thanks
  12. S

    Enter Key not responsive - sometimes

    I have a problem using Excel 2013 which has plagued me for a long time. I create a user form which has a number of text boxes for input. I use the 'key down' function in order to check what character has been inputted. If the input is '13' (the 'enter' code) the program focus moves to another...
  13. P

    Activate a file using "Input Box"

    Hi all, I would like to write a VBA code so that to open and activate a file, which I will choose using an input box: e.g. Salaries 1-2018.xlsx The path of this is: ‘C:\Users\User\Payroll\Salaries 1-2018.xlsx” In input box I have to enter the file name, e.g. Salaries 1-2018 or...
  14. R

    Help to ask user to input a starting number in a column and another question to ask for all the same number for another column.

    Can I Please have help with a 2 part VBA question. The macro I have already checks for how many rows and columns that are being used on the open sheet. The last 2 things I need help with are. After the macro moves the data around we need to Ask the user to input a starting number so it can...

    VBA Input Error Loop

    HEllo Folks, Any Idea how i can loop through an input error with my code here? the user should only use numerical but would it be possible for vba not to error out and just simply clear the textbox and have the user retry input?<br> <br> <br> Private Sub TextBox200_AfterUpdate()<br>...
  16. S

    VBA to Insert Table Rows with Input

    I have a worksheet with many tables in it. In that sheet there is a table "EBank2". I need to add multiple rows in this table based on the value in an input box. Further, If it may help me add rows below a specific active cell, would be great. I have tried many codes but nothing has worked...
  17. A

    Import external excel files table data using parameters (Power Query) Headscratcher!

    Hi, I've been scratching my head on a problem which I can't figure out a nice solution to. I hope an expert can give me a steer on the steps I should take! I have a main parent model file which needs to import data from child models. The folder containing the input modules is on the same path...
  18. N

    Data Validation Input Message = formula?

    Is there any way to use a formula for the input message when using data validation? Here is what I am trying to accomplish: User clicks drop down and selects a cost code from list. When they select the cost code, there is a temporary window next to it that shows the description of the cost...
  19. K

    Input box to filter rows

    Hey! Looking for some help with creating an input box to filter an Excel spreadsheet that has about 1900 rows of data. I want to have a push button control that will produce an input box where the end user will enter data to filter the list. Data will be located in column A starting in row...
  20. R

    time format auto change

    Hi, is there a way to input time as 1700 or 2100 or 1700 or 0700 and excel auto convert it as 5:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 7:00 AM on the same cell. or input as 17.30 and it converts it to 5:00 PM

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