1. S

    Conditional format based on various cells

    Could anyone please advise on conditional formatting? I'm trying to use a formula to have say cell a1 to change colour IF cell d1 has any input? I've been trying conditional formatting in cell a1 as - If(d1="",TRUE,FALSE) but no change happens with input to cell d1. Any help would be greatly...
  2. A

    Auto populate data onto a new sheet based on cell info

    Dear all, Sorry if I duplicating a thread, but I don't know what words to search for to see if this has been asked. I have a workbook and on one sheet is all of the data. What I would like it to do if possible, If I go onto another sheet and input in one cell the location that is then...
  3. T

    Auto vbyes in Inputbox?

    Hey. Iam wondering if its possible to to code or do something with inputbox. The thing i need. my costumer is going to put in a value of 7 numbers/letters, and then press Yes. Is it possible to do the "yes" button automatic when 7 numbers/letters is filled in? Ex: inputbox is appearing...
  4. C

    VBA to create list based on input

    I would like help creating VBA that creates a unique list based on input in cell 'H1' and provides vertical output starting at cell 'E5'. (cell 'H1' will always be a 1- or 2-digit number) Starting in cell 'A5' of the sheet named "Products" I have a list of unique product numbers. Starting in...
  5. B

    File Format

    Good Evening Could someone assist. I am attempting to save a current sheet (Active sheet) into a new workbook and include in the Name the reference to Range B2 which is Start & C2, which is the user input date. Also would like to include B3, which is the End & C3 which is the user input end...
  6. A

    convert decimal input to real time vba code

    Hi I need a vba code that converts a decimal input to real time and does nothing if it's time. for example: 2.5 convert to 2:30 3.5 convert to 3:30 and if input is time do notting 2:30 convert to 2:30 3:30 convert to 3:30 . . .
  7. M

    VBA Update new cell with values and format

    I am trying to update a range of cells in my database which is an excel sheet with another input range. The range in the database is named "MyRange". The Input Range is named "Input" When I use this code: Range("MyRange") = Range("Input") nothing happens When I use: Range("MyRange") =...
  8. M

    Multiply Input Cell by Another Cell

    Hi There, I'm trying to multiply a cell within a table that I would input a number into by another cell and struggling with the VBA formula. For example, I would input 5600 into F2 and want it to multiply by D2 and display the result within F2. <tbody> A B1 C D E F G 1 material Desc...
  9. S

    Automatic Subtraction

    Hi, I want to be able to input data which will automatically be subtracted from another number. For example, in cells E25 to E33, I want the input to be subtracted from 0.880. In cell E34 I want the input to be subtracted from 0.860. Does this have to be done by code? Thank you. :)
  10. S

    Change of TextBox Value

    Hello Everyone, I'm working on a simple GUI to input serial numbers. I have created a textbox in a userform to allow a input of a serial number using a hand scanner. The scanner will read serial number and submit an Enter command upon completion of input. Using the Enter command allows the...
  11. R

    Required Field Check > Based On Color Index

    Hello - Thank you for any help in advance. I'm still trying to learn VBA and have been trying to figure this out for a while - and need some help. I am trying to make certain fields required before the user can access the print button I created using the form tools on a specific worksheet. To...
  12. L

    Macro or formula to find both unique and un-paired values between two columns

    I'm trying to make balancing my checkbook easier, but finding it hard to find a macro or formula that does what I need. I have two columns, one that has the charges according to my bank, and the other which has charges that I've documented myself. It's easy to find values that occur only in the...
  13. J

    Round Value Based On Criteria

    Hi, I would like to be able to take a quantity and "round" it based on a list of rounding criteria. I am having trouble trying to find an exact example of what I an trying to do nor am I having any luck myself with the different formulas. I have created an example using fruit if someone could...
  14. kelly mort

    For each loop is working for only first item in a range

    Hi all, I have this code which used to verify a value from a range of cells and that of my input. It used to work until yesterday when I did a few updates. I get the else alert for any item I feed the input box, except I feed it with the first item in the range – that is cell B4, where I get...
  15. T

    Need VBA macro that asks for data validation from a cell, then moves to next cell

    Good Morning, all, Hoping to get some help with a macro I'm trying to create. In essence, I'm trying to write VBA for excel to look at a value in a cell, take an inputted value from the user, and validate that the inputted value matches the value in the cell it's looking at. If the value does...
  16. B

    Variable results from a cell input

    Hi, Not sure how to do this but I want to have a cell display various message text depending the value input into another cell e.g. if value in cell D10 = 1 then in cell D8 I want to see the message Change if value in cell D10 = 2 then in cell D8 I want to see the message Pump Out I...
  17. K

    Userform TextBox Case and number formating

    Hi. I have a User Form to add information in a data list. In some of the textboxes, I want the information to be added to the list in a certain format. For example: 1. the engine model to be all in UPPER CASE 2. the manufacturer to be in Proper Case, unless user entered all information...
  18. H

    Changing Date in Input Box

    I'm using the code below and today's date is pre-populated in the Input box. Is there a way to make it today() - 7 days? thanks! Sub DeleteFromDate() Application.ScreenUpdating = FalseApplication.DisplayAlerts = False Dim LR As Long LR = ActiveSheet.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
  19. B

    Add incremental value every x columns

    This feels elementary, but I figure this is the best place to ask. My starting value is 1000 and I would like to add 500 every x columns (dynamic based on cell input). Can someone help me write the formula for this request?
  20. F

    Data entry based on a button

    I have a workbook with 4 sheets. First sheet is called "Main" Second Sheet Is called "Heavy Used Belting" Third Sheet Is called "Medium Used Belting" Fourth Sheet Is called "Light Used Belting" On "Main" I have 3 categories and 6 buttons. The categories correspond with the heavy, medium...

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