1. D

    Input and output in Excel

    Hi all, i am have a small issue with my excel function. my goal is if i enter a file name it outputs the drive letter is should be on. the problem is that all of the file names are numbers and i only want it to search the first three characters but it does not. my function is...
  2. A

    User form to input data in table

    Hello everyone I want to input data in a table using userform. I have three tables in the worksheet and I want to enter data in the respective table based on user choice. Can anybody help me Please ? Please find the screenshot for clear picture. Thank You
  3. B

    power query advanced editor using m-code transforms dates incorrectely

    I have the following code that is not keeping the same date format as the input. The input dates are in a date column and have mm/dd/yyyy formatting in the cell (e. g. 5/7/2019). The result after running the following m-code is 07/05/2019 in a general format. How can I get the output dates to be...
  4. A

    Take input and convert to use as a cell address

    Hello Everyone, I want to take the input of the line number from the user . I want to run the operation from the cell range (A1:T100) (example) Taken input from the user (1000) concated to T1000 ( Cell = "T" & Uinput ) and used it in the Range("A1:Cell").Select But getting error. Please see...
  5. A

    Take input and convert to use as a cell address

    Hello Everyone, I want to take the input of the line number from the user . I want to run the operation from the cell range (A1:T100) (example) Taken input from the user (1000) concated to T1000 (Cell = "T" & Uinput) and used it in the Range("A1:Cell").Select But getting error. Please see...
  6. N

    Data Validation : Allow only time input

    I have a form that different teams return to me giving their total hours spent each day on different activities. Currently some people for example 1 and a half hours work type 1.5 or some do 1:30. I wish to limit input to time format ie 1:30. However these totals can go over 24 hours. The cell...
  7. S

    Sort number data within a cell

    Sorting Data (Numbers) Within a Single Cell I'm using a spreadsheet to input a series of digits into a particular cell. I want to be able to use formula 。 For example, I input the numbers: 21, 10, 37, 2, 5, 44 into cell A1; the numbers will be separted by a space not a comma (,). After formula...
  8. B

    VBA to sumproduct & loop...I think

    Hi all, Sheet1 has product Bill of Materials: Sheet2 is for user to input Product & Tonnes in the INPUT section: I'm looking for VBA to calculate & return Ingredients & total Tonnes under the RESULT section. Thanks for any help in advance. Mark
  9. M

    Help Please - a simple question i believe!

    A bit of help for a 'novice' please - I am preparing a workbook that will track financials acrsoss 18 months for multiple workstreams. Currently only a couple of months have actuals the rest are still forecasts. Please see below... <colgroup><col><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody>...
  10. P

    Sharepoint Online and Workbook.Open() doesnt work

    Hey guys We have recently switched to sharepoint online on the job. This has really messed up some of my excel work. I have especially two files which are now corrupted. One is the input file, and the other one is the data file which contains all data. The input file has VBA which opens the...
  11. P

    Generating next worksheet tab name

    Have a work book with 12 worksheets - 1 per month called : Jan 19, Feb 19,Mar 19 etc I am trying to get a formula to read the next sheet in the series. I have it working fine when i manually input the next sheet number but would like say, Jan 19 to be able to calculate the next sheet name as...
  12. J

    use excel to input data into a program

    We have a program we use for some work, its a exe file that runs in a dos window. It starts with a menu of 5 choices, and I would like to use excel to populate the menu choices, and also other operations. Is this something excel can do, or is there a better way? It would involve opening files...
  13. T

    Data Validation - 5 Digit Number with exclusion list

    Hi All, I'm looking for a data validation formula that can achieve the following: Only allow the input of a 5 digit number Don't allow the input of the 5 digit numbers in a list (The list is in cells F5020:F5045) Any help is much appreciated Thanks Tom
  14. K

    How to input decimal places with this userform

    Hi, New here and I took over using a workbook at my company and I'm trying to learn VBA to make some changes. One of the issues is with this userform code that we use to add part order quantities, it works great except for it only inputs a whole number in the cells. As an example if I input...
  15. T

    Remove part of an inout element VBA HTML

    Hi, In order to automate a site and get around using the date picker ive found I can remove the 'read only' part of the input on the site which allows me to input the date, however i cant seem to automate this. Im trying to change : <input id="fromDatePicker" placeholder=""...
  16. D

    Inputting data in in a tab and recording to another

    Good evening all, I have a two tab excel workbook. The first tab as a list of sequencial numbers (house numbers) in one column and a list of mulitple items across. The second tab is editable and i want to freely input house numbers in say A1,A2,A3 etc.. and a item description against each in...
  17. lmmay

    Sort using an input box to select the column

    I am using the following to sort an excel sheet: Sub Sort() 'Unprotect Worksheet ActiveSheet.UnProtect Password:=" cover700" Selection.Sort Key1:=Range(Selection.Address), Order1:=xlAscending, DataOption1:=xlSortNormal ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Password:="...
  18. R

    Downloading SharePoint list attachments via VBA

    I am trying to build a spreadsheet macro, which is based on the below mentioned steps. 1) Takes the list ID number of a SharePoint form from the user via input box. 2) Creates a folder name based on this ID number (originally captured by the input box) 3) Retrieves all the attachments stored...
  19. W

    List(Sort by) Birthday Anniversaries in .txt file

    Hello people, I'm having a problem here, I'd like to filter the birthdays in the listbox and also know the "|" symbols. from the list and keep only in the .txt database. I would also like the EDIT, DELETE buttons to work. Follow the code so far and the download link. Thank you very much ...
  20. M

    Formula to input product pricing based on multiple factors

    Man I hope I explain this correctly... I use Excel for a purchase order log. Most materials have a set cost & I have a tab in my log with all materials and use VLOOKUP to input the cost of per line item entry based on the item ordered. However, I have 2 products whose prices vary depending on...

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