insert a row

  1. S

    Inserting Row to Table Using VBA

    I have a code that inserts an entire new row and copies the contents from above row. I was hoping to edit the code to insert a row and have it be apart of a table, not just a new row under the table. Any suggestions on how to do this? Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As...
  2. S

    VBA: Insert row + keep formulas

    Hi all, I already read some threads in this big forum but didn't find what I am looking for. I hope it is ok to ask for some help on this: I have a table and a button to click in A1. If I click this button, a new row shall be inserted below the current active cell including only the above used...
  3. N

    Excel Power Query dynamically inserting rows

    Hi all, I need to dynamically insert a row into a table based on a cell value. I'm able to insert the row, but I haven't figured out how to make it dynamic. The row will always go above the row with the value "2270PBAKE" in the STAGE column. I'm using the Table.InsertRows function. For the...
  4. K

    VBA code to insert a variable # of rows between each existing row matching certain criteria. Help please!

    Hello, I need some help on VBA, please. I've inlcuded an short example below of what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to figure out the VBA to insert a variable number of rows (based on the value in Settings!C13) between existing rows on the worksheet 'UNIT_PRICE_COMP'. Some rows are...
  5. D

    Simplify Repetitive Code

    I have the following code: Selection.End(xlDown).Select Selection.ListObject.ListRows.Add AlwaysInsert:=True Selection.ListObject.ListRows.Add AlwaysInsert:=True Selection.ListObject.ListRows.Add AlwaysInsert:=True Selection.ListObject.ListRows.Add AlwaysInsert:=True...
  6. J

    adding subquery in insert into

    "insert into temp_cost(RecordID,ClassID, Classtype, ClassName, TypeOrder, CreateDate) values('" & strRecordID &"','"& strClassID &"','"& strClassType & "', '" & strClassName & "', '" & strTypeorder & "', '" & strCreateDate & "')" This code works, but I am trying to add a subquery to auto...
  7. J

    Unable to insert a row with two active tables

    Hello, I am having an issue with inserting a row into my worksheet. I believe it's because I have two tables a few columns apart from each other. I say this because I was originally able to insert rows when there was only one table present. I have tested it and when I convert the second...
  8. T

    Copy formula when inserting row in specific columns

    Hi all, On a specific sheet (for example "sheet ABC") in a specific workbook (for example "Workbook ABC"), I have formulas in the columns D, E, G, J and I. Is there a possibility, when inserting row(s), to automatically copy the formulas down in the inserted rows in the specific columns? Thanks!
  9. B

    Macro to add rows based on conditions and sum/subtotal lines above

    Hi All, Just checking if anyone is able to assist me with setting up a code to add rows (based on a condition) and sum lines above. Raw data is is below. <tbody> State Store Staff Name Day Date Hours Category 1 Hours Category 2 Hours Category 3 Hours Category 4 State Store 1 Staff 1 Tuesday...
  10. B

    VBA - Insert Row after certain value in Column

    Hello VBAers, I have a list of data where I need to enter a blank row under the row of where a certain value appears in a column. <tbody> Dog Brown Charlie Cat Jack Dog Brown Princess </tbody> In the above example, every time Brown appears, I would like to enter an empty row beneath...
  11. U

    Find a Partial text and Insert A Column Above The Text

    Hi Guys, Can you help me tweak the code below for below table? <tbody> No x 1 Sean 2 3 Output Submitted To Department 4 Output Submitted To Deparmnt 5 Output Sbmitted To Dpartment </tbody> ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub...
  12. A

    VBA Checkbox.

    Hello all. I need help with the following. I want to be able to add a checkbox to a specific Column-Cell everytime a row is inserted the checkbox should be added to the same row just on the new row that was added. so far I have found plenty of material out there helping me figure out how to...
  13. K

    Macro to Insert a Row in Excel

    I have been searching the internet and watching Youtube videos for days trying to create a macro in VBA that will enter a row above a specific text string in a worksheet in Excel. Every worksheet I would perform this macro on has the term "Actual Earnings" somewhere between cells A19 and A22...
  14. T

    VBA to Compare sheets, and insert missing data, while skipping over existing items that may be in master list

    I am attempting to compare lists of data and insert missing rows. The below code is intended to do so, however, if it encounters an items in the Account Master List that is not on the Execute billing list it will insert rows for everything that comes after that row of data. Any help is...
  15. U

    Insert blank row after every nth row

    Hello Guys, I have long list of data and I want to insert a blank row after every nth row for example after. Below is the sample initial illustration. I need to add starting <tbody> A1 A2 ID Name Score A3 A4 001 BEN 5 </tbody> The data starts in A4 onwards and what I need is...
  16. J

    insert rows after change in range of numbers

    hi, i have a spreadsheet that contains lots of data and i need to add rows at various points based on cell value in column t, the problem i have is that the column contains continuous data such as below but a lot more 161000 161001 161009 170000 171253 183653 250000 260125 262545 the ranges are...
  17. dannyok90

    The Classic 'Add New Row Button' Macro

    Hi Guys, I'm aware there is tons of information on the net about this and I'm sort of biting the bullet asking such a generic question. I have a spreadsheet which is a template at the beginning of its life so there is literally no data in there what so ever. I'm wondering if someone could help...
  18. R

    Auto Insert Row With Predictive Data

    I am in desperate need of some assistance. I'm trying to teach myself VBA in Excel 2010 and am building an application for a friend. I've come to a point where I'm at a standstill until I can figure this piece out. I've posted this question a couple of times and haven't received any...
  19. B

    Auto unhide one row --- OR --- Auto insert one row

    I need to show the following and I can not figure this out! Scenario 1 I have row 10 filled with data up to column O I have rows 11-24 hidden This 15 row set up is copied down 50 times so the below process would need to be repeated in each of those 15 row sets If column O has a value >0 than I...
  20. M

    VBA to insert rows and transpose columns

    I am processing survey data and am going through a very tedious time with transposing columns into new rows and need the VBA expertise of this group! My data looks like this (as an example): ID Are you male or female? What is your favorite color? 1 2...

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