insert columns

  1. H

    Insert columns with VBA

    A bit of a novice here. I usually try to find my answers first before posting, although I kinda found an answer on a thread here, when asking for help I was told to start a new thread. So... I have a sheet with 5 columns (C-G). I need to insert 5 columns with the same formatting and formulas...
  2. J

    Insert "N" columns between Column B and C. Copy Range. Transpose. Paste Values

    Hello everyone... I am attempting to come up with a code to do the following . Any thoughts/guidance would be much appreciated! On Source_Sh ("SOURCE"): In column E (from row 9+)...I have a list that the user will input values - which will become column headings In cell $I$23 I have a count...
  3. S

    Adding Columns after first blank column

    I'm trying to write a macro to find the first blank column of a sheet and insert 3 columns just before that blank column with the same formatting as the previous 3 columns. Any ideas? Thank you!
  4. M

    Inserting Columns VBA Question

    Hello - I am trying to create a macro which inserts two columns prior to the final two columns 'Total' in my worksheet. When I recorded the macro, the VBA was obviously written to always insert columns at 'BD' and 'BE': Sheets("VDN").Select Columns("BD:BE").Select Selection.Insert...
  5. J

    Macro to Insert Specified Number of Columns

    Thank you in advance. I have a worksheet that I use to audit office locations for a specific organization. When I use it, a compnay may have 3 offices or 100 offices in the audit. I have a title page where I input data. My master file would have an additional worksheet with 1 office and all...
  6. K

    Can't Insert column without copying drop-down from adjacent column...

    Excel 2003 Rows 1-11 make up a heading with cells A-I merged variously. Starting at row 12 every cell in column A has a drop-down list, and column B is formatted for date, conditional formatting so that if the date is prior to today it is highlighted red. I need to add a column in between A and...
  7. bowlinbd

    Sheet Protection Question

    I have a protected worksheet in which A1:L1 contain headers. I want to allow the inserting of both rows and columns; however, I don't want to allow the insertion of columns between A:L or the insertion of rows above row 1. I don't really care what happens to the columns after L or the rows...

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