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  1. A

    Select Query IIF Not testing column value

    Hi all, I have a query that I use to export a text file for another database. I am currently testing changes, and need the same output, but formatted into a series of "Insert Into" statements to be able to develop. So I wrote another query to produce a fully formatted text string for each of...
  2. D

    SQL Statement giving "Syntax error insert into statement"

    First, I want to make everyone aware that I'm new to VBA, SQL, AND Access. Our data guy let suddenly so I've been given the job of maintaining my organizations databases even though my background is in Educational research. :eeek: So I'm sorry if I give too much/not enough information and if my...
  3. E

    Run-Time Error '-2147217900 (80040e14)': Incorrect Syntax near 's'.

    I am trying to insert data into a SQL table from an excel table. I am able to get this code to work about 6 or 7 times but it hits a point where it hits this run time error. 'Setup Command Update Dim BTcmd As ADODB.Command Set BTcmd = New ADODB.Command Dim r As Range BTcmd.ActiveConnection =...
  4. ClimoC

    ODBC Oracle link to Access table with defined query

    Hey ho I'm trying to move part of an Oracle table-view into a new Access(2010) table. I tried linking the table with an ODBC connection from Access - but the Oracle table is both too large for Access to handle, and Access also ended up jamming the server and p*****g off the Oracle DBAs. I...
  5. H

    VB to Move Named Ranges to Access Database

    I'm writing my first "advanced" VBA code to move Named Ranges from Excel to Access. The Named Ranges are named the same as the Access Database field names. When I run my code, I receive the following error: "Object required". When I click "Debug", the debugger highlights DoCmd.RunSQL strSql...
  6. Avatar

    Excel VBA + Massive Array + SQL INSERT = HELP!

    Greetings, I have an array (dimensions: 1.5mil,14) containing data entries that i need to INSERT into an Access 2003 table. I am hoping to do this as a single SQL string... Is this possible? below is the code in a nut shell. Sub sbRun() Dim aryDataSet() Dim i As Long, _ lngTopRow As...
  7. L

    ADO INSERT INTO with Excel table

    Hi, I'm writing some code to use ADO to pull some data from access. Everything works fine but I want the data to be placed in an existing table and using CopyFromRecordset seems to wipe the table. I can use an ODBC query, change the command and refresh but I'm trying to learn more about ADO at...
  8. K

    Excel bulk data copy to SQL server using VBA / ADO

    I am fairly familiar with recordset basics and have used Excel / VBA to interface with a back-end database in the past. I have a problem where data contained in an Excel spreadsheet is taking too long to update to a SQL server due to the many rows of data (recordset.update or updatebatch is...
  9. P

    Excel to access - recordset problem

    I am trying to insert values in a range to an Access recordset. My problem is with: rst = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") and then later in: rst.Open "INSERT INTO " & tblName & colHead & " VALUES " & rcdDetail, cnt rst doesn't seem to be recognised at all. Help will be appreciated. Sub...

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