insert row using macro

  1. P

    Automate creating a worksheet adding rows based on certain criterias (all this in the same workbook)

    I'm relatively new to automating the macros. It's easy to directly automate static steps but to make it more dynamic I'm having trouble writing the script. Here's my criteria. I prepared a workbook to keep track of the tasks in a project. Here's my criteria. I created an estimation summary tab...
  2. S

    Code to insert multiple rows at a particular point using input boxes

    Hi All, I found the following code but want to modify it slightly but not sure where I am going wrong. I basically just want the following to happen 1. Input box asking on what row should the insert start 2. How many rows to be inserted Click ok The code below has a bit about intervals, I...
  3. S

    Insert Row and popoulate cells based on user input

    Hi, I have the below code that I doesnt appear to be working as I want. I would also like to add to it but not sure how. What I need it to do is: Displays input box which allows me to enter name This name then gets placed in every row of the workbook (in Column B) in the same place 2 rows above...
  4. K

    How to add series of rows based on quantity inputted

    Hello everyone, I am fairly novice in terms of Macro and VBA. I work for immigration, and my supervisor had given me quite a huge task. I have a spreadsheet where I have to put information of a person's background and its family size. My problem is I am unable to figure out how to automatically...
  5. T

    Macro to copy specific section at the bottom of existing data set

    Hi mates, I would like to seek help on building some Macro. I have a table for end user data input, let's say monthly record of sales figure. For example, row 2 is the first record, while B2, C2 & D2 are for end user's data input, and E2 is a formula. I would like to create a Macro fro...
  6. D

    Macro to consolidate specific row data from other workbooks

    Dear Excel experts, My query is detailed below. Given below is my consolidated worksheet. I will receive workbook with name as "Emp ID"(name is "96521" in this case). The workbook will have Name and age of the employee. I need a macro in my consolidated sheet which will use Emp ID as...
  7. S

    Insert Rows in excel VBA

    Hi Everyone, I have this following table in a protected excel sheet which consist of formulated and user defined cells. <colgroup><col span="4"><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Date Invoice Party Amount Tax Gross User defined User defined User defined User defined formula formula </tbody>...
  8. S

    Insert blank row after a group of data using VBA

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to insert 2 blank rows after a data change in a specific column (i.e. group the data), then to hide that column, and use the data entry as a title (in bold) for that group of data. For example; Col A Col B 1234 Apple 5678 Apple 9876...
  9. S

    Cost balance Macro in order to find missing items

    Hi all, I want to know if you can help me out. The data I have is below: <tbody> A B C D E 100020265 -7,671,860.08 7,671,860.08 472023645 100020371 -6,302,466.47 7,671,860.08 472023731 100020370 -2,972,991.07 1,838,071.62 472021113 6200080166 -1,838,071.62 </tbody> I would...
  10. R

    Run-time error '13' - Userform

    Hi folks I've managed to put together my first Userform from advice on here and put together my macro again with information from this site but I have hit a brick wall. Running the below brings up my form, allows me to enter values (e.g. ExtV = 10 and IntV = 10) but the error message...
  11. H

    VBA Insert blank row to split a group of cells into equal portions

    Hi forum gurus, I'm a novice at VBA, having started to learn it on Friday! I have 50 spreadsheets formatted the same as I'm working on now, and I've been writing code to automate the process. There's one step I can't seem to find answers for on the net. Essentially I needed to group data when...
  12. G

    [URGENT] Insert row based on day/time and then add text

    Hi All, I'm struggling with this situation described below: If the day/time on Column B and Column C falls outside the criteria shown below, then I need to insert a row before the next non blank cell, and insert the word "QUERY" in Column D. Criteria: Monday - Friday, 08:00 until 17:00...
  13. R

    Insert Row below current row when...

    I want to insert a new row with the existing formulas that I have in the current row. I want this row to be below the current row and I want it to insert when data in column A is changed from empty to a selection from a dropdown list. Can anyone help with this?
  14. J

    Help inserting rows with correct formulas and conditional formatting

    Hello, I am looking for some assistance please with a spreadsheet I am currently developing. Each row in my spreadsheet represents a unique job and has a number of formula and conditional formatting behind it which I drag across the row to autofill all relevant cells (because of this...
  15. R

    Insert Row VBA HELP!

    I am trying to build a traversal tree in excel. In columns A and B I have all of the relationships defined. ie (13,27) 13 being the predecessor and 27 being the successor. I am using the below array function to index and show each of the paths through the schedule...
  16. V

    Copy rows & insert based on Cell value

    I have seen a few threads about this but I have been unable to solve my own issues with it. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 319pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=423><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 32pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1536" width=42><COL...
  17. 1

    Insert row, modify original & inserted rows

    In Excel, I need to check for percents >0 and <100 in multiple columns, insert a new row with copied data from that row, and modify both rows. If this occurs in--for example--Row 27, I need to copy Row 27 and insert the copied row before Row 28, while changing the percents in both rows and also...
  18. J

    Trying to make insert new row and copy formulas macro

    I am trying to create a macro that inserts a line above a set row, and then copies the formulas up (or down from two rows up). I can get it to add the rows where I want it, but can't get the formulas to copy. I've attached what the spread sheet looks like. The inserted row I can do by using a...
  19. W

    Find function within macro

    Does anyone know of a way to have the excel find function work within a macro. I have got an invoice tabs and a few different revenue tabs. I plan on assigning each revenue tab a seperate set of shortcut keys. When ran, I am wanting it to lookup a value in the newly added item to the...
  20. W

    excel macro to lookup value and insert row below last occurance of the value

    I have a workbook that contains several tabs for different revenue streams, and an Invoice tab that data is housed in for the rest of the workbook. The revenue tabs are further broken down by customer, with each seperate invoice listed out with Customer in Column A, Invoice date in column B...

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