insert rows

  1. C

    Insert rows based on sum

    Hello, I am trying to build a list by copying in logical order the rows from 3 tables containing: Existing stock, Sales orders Purchase orders for each item in inventory. Since there is no other available sorting criteria (no dates) the VBA should get the available inventory, then a...
  2. L

    VBA code for inserting certain amount of rows depending on cell valu

    Hi, I was wondering how to write some vba code that would insert a given amount of rows depending on the value of a specific cell. Example: If cell value is “control” then insert four rows below If cell value is “pc1” then insert two above and two below i would greatly appreciate it if...
  3. Y

    Inserting new rows based on cell value, and copying data to the new rows

    Hi all, I've been searching a solution to my issue on the board but could not find a working solution that covers my needs. I'd really appreciate some help to come up with a VBA code that does the following: I have an Excel file with multiple sheets. In a specific sheet called "xyz" I have...
  4. A

    Add a line after each unique value

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to separate some values on my spreadsheet, and I can't seem to think of any effective way to write some vba code to do this automatically. In Column A (starting from row 2 until the end of data), I have some values. "Secured", "Unsecured", "7A"... They...
  5. U

    Insert multiple rows with fill number in a specific row

    Hi guys i have several customer in a sheet that have separator (a gray row) between every customer, now, when i write a number in this rows, insert rows up with that amount
  6. G

    How to insert number of rows in spreadsheet based on a numeric value of an cell?

    Hello I have a spreadsheet of well log soil/geology depth and thicknesses in feet. Each row has a distinct soil type. Below are three wells 14000000030 & 14000000031 & 14000000032. For instance the 1st well has 3 rows has the 1st soil type from LITH_AGG is Sand & Gravel from 0-55 feet. The 2nd...
  7. C

    VBA Code to Insert Variable # of Rows to be Added Below Data So All data sets have Same Number of Rows

    Hello, I'm new to VBA but would like to see if anyone could help me with my VBA code. Attached is a screenshot of the expected result. Process: I copied column from an online index which has variable number of rows per individual. In order to transpose the data and align data properly, each set...
  8. T

    Are these bad coding? What is slowing these down?

    Can someone please help me? After I upgrade Office from 2010 to Office 365, all the codes become very slow. I'm looking into the causes. I came across this really simple codes and pulled out a section. I wanted to ask all of you experts why these simple codes would take such a long time to run...
  9. L

    Insert rows in table with protected/locked columns with formulae

    Hi all! I have a tablein Excel in which some columns need to be locked, and other columns need to beunlocked so people can enter data there. The columns that need to stay lockedhave formulae in each cell which use data that is entered in the unlockedcolumns. Peopleusing the table should be able...
  10. E

    Insert fixed number of rows and transpose part of the columns

    Hello Gurus, Seeking your expert help in writing a Macro. Am a newbie. I have a below table: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Sold On Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Item 1 Apple 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 2 Banana 11 12 13 14...
  11. K

    Adding rows based on Criteria and populating with the data ?

    Hi guys Im completely confused and have no idea how to resolve my issue. I have a workbook with 50 tabs. I have a macro to join all tabs into a single output file, this contains start and end times. I have a breakdown of hours formula that I use so a 12 hour shift is broken down into the...
  12. J

    Copying above row formatting and formula to new row using command button

    Hello VBA Gurus, I would like to create a new row with a command button and then have VBA codes copy the formatting and certain formulas from the row above into the newly inserted row. I would like to only copy formulas from certain column ranges (i.e. A:B; D:L, U:AA) and leave the rest blank...
  13. A

    VBA macro to insert multiple rows using input box

    I have a bit of a mess here. Still learning VBA, so rather than continuing to flounder, I decided to post my code thusfar. By clicking a button on a different sheet, I need to find the cell in Col A of sheet “2018” with value “after last entry”. Upon finding that cell, I’d like to insert a...
  14. G

    Check Boxes - Auto Insert when inserting new row

    I have check boxes in one column on a form. When the user inserts a row I want the check box to populate as well in that new row in the same column as where the others are now. Is there a way to do that? Side Note: I already have a conditional formatting formula to shade alternate rows when...
  15. D

    Inserting blank rows between data, but ignoring hidden rows

    Good morning forum, I am tiring to insert blank rows between a range of rows, but need it to skip over hidden rows. Below is what I have started with and the inserting is working fine. Thanks in advance. Sub Insert_BlankRows() Dim MyRange As Range Dim iCounter As Long Set MyRange...
  16. Y

    Copy selected cells, paste with inserted rows

    :)Hi Group I have been researching for days and trying different things to get a copy and paste to work. I could really use a little help from the gurus. In the attached picture, the ideal scenario would be if the cells R2:V27 is True than copy to E28:I35 AND if the row count is greater than 8...
  17. D

    Macro to insert 'n' rows when column value changes

    Hi, I have some sheets I need to seperate the data so that when column a changes value rows are inserted. So for example if column a is: Aa Aa Aa Bb Bb Cc Cc Cc Cc Cc Dd Then the macro would insert different numbers of row beneath each value change such that each first new value would...
  18. J

    Issue with Array Formula Technique - Extract Unique List with VBA

    Hello, I am trying to find a better way to accomplish this task. I have a template worksheet that is copied multiple times (renames copies "Labor BOE X of N), then a "template table" is copied/pasted to each new sheet multiple times. There are array formulas in the first row of this "template...
  19. J

    Insert Rows and Drag Formulas Down on Multiple Sheets - VBA

    Hello, I am attempting to get my code to loop through all worksheets that begin with "Labor BOE", find all numbers in column A (beginning in row 2), insert that many rows below the cell with the number, and then drag the formulas down. For example, if cell A10 = 3, then I need 3 rows to be...
  20. J

    Loop through multiple sheets - Run-time error '13': Type mismatch

    Hello, I am receiving a "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch" when I adjusted my code to loop through all worksheets beginning with "Labor BOE" instead of just the specific worksheet I was working on. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is occurring and how to fix it? The goal of the code...

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