1. M

    Convert one column of long data into multiple columns based on a specific string of text

    Hi experts, I have a long list of data exported into excel from a text file. This file contains output of a command from multiple network elements. Whenever there is a text string 'Welcome to', the below mentioned text should be copied to a new column till the next 'Welcome to' appears. In this...
  2. JenniferMurphy

    Can I always have the Advanced Editor on?

    Is there a way that I can have the Advanced Editor active when I reply to a thread? When I start a thread, like now, I have the Advanced Editor. But when I reply, I get some other editor and I have to click on the Go Advanced button to get it. In my Settings under Miscellaneous Options, I have...
  3. D

    Bubble Chart legend

    Ok I think this is simple. I created a bubble chart with info below. How do i get column A to be my legend? <tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Risk Probablity - 1 (low) to 5 (high) Impact - 1 (low) to 5 (high) Traffic Light Risk management strategy Lack of...
  4. kpasa

    Use external editor for writing VBA modules, userforms, classes

    I use Atom as my primary code editor/viewer for all of my scripting and html coding needs. I really enjoy the interface and several of the features in offers. Is it possible to use it as a VB editor for excel?
  5. I

    if condition matches then copy till next match to new sheet under match

    Hi Excel Gurus, below is sample data i have on column A on sheet1, on sheet2 i have headings based on interfaces from below, if there is a match then copy ip address and ipv6 address line to matched column on sheet2. this needs to be looped until the end when blank cell. There might be...
  6. I

    only conditional formatted data need to move to new sheet

    Hi, this is my first post and totally new to excel, I have conditional formatted data it looks for any data which has these words (interface TenGigabitEthernet), (ip address) and (interface Bundle) and highlights it in Yellow, i want to move only this data to another sheet. example below. there...
  7. C

    Custom Routine Template File

    I'm in the process of developing a solution using Power Query and/or VBA. For the purpose of taking any set of data (from a List Object) and converting this for interface into a financial ledger (automated journal creation). This will involve using userforms and list/comboboxes to: Map the...
  8. M

    Power Pivot Data Model Error

    Hi, When trying to load a table into the Data Model using Excel 2013 I get the following error message: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.WorkbookClass' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel._Workbook'. This operation failed because the...
  9. L

    [Error] when i try create measure in Power Pivot

    Hi everyone, I just installed Excel 2016 and am trying to create some measures in the power pivot, but this message always appears when I try to write something. Can someone tell me how to solve this? '_______________________________________________ See the end of this message for details on...
  10. B

    Function to Reflect Outlook Sender/ "From" in a Cell

    Is there a function or a way in excel where you can show the email address in an excel cell of the person who is the default sender/ "FROM" in outlook? For example, if I send an email using my outlook at work, my email address shows as the default email in the "from" section in outlook. I'd...
  11. Jaafar Tribak

    Can't Insert ActiveX Control Issue ( An API- Based Workaround - GIF Control Demo )

    Hi all, Recent Office security updates has broken ActiveX controls on worksheets .. The usual and rather long-winded fix (Which may not always work) is to locate all exd files and delete them or install the following updates. Here, I took a different approach. I added the ActiveX controls (In...
  12. T

    calculate pre-assigned days per month from a file, which works on a daily basis and collects figures over an interface

    I am looking for a working formula to calculate the number of days a shop is open. Opening days are usually Wed til Sat, but shop could be open any day, according to business needs. Formula need to be embedded in a excel workbook, which is collecting information's through interface. Workbook has...
  13. T

    Can anyone recommend a product/software for creating a sophisticated user interface to an Excel worksheet?

    I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for a tool/software that can be used to create a sophisticated user interface to a complex Excel worksheet. Unfortunately, I do not believe that a Visual Basic interface would be of acceptable quality (look and feel) to the client for whom I need to...
  14. T

    Recommendation for tool to create a user interface to a complex Excel worksheet

    I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for a tool/software that can be used to create a sophisticated user interface to a complex Excel worksheet. Unfortunately, I do not believe that a Visual Basic interface would be of acceptable quality (look and feel) to the client for whom I need to...
  15. C

    open close with VBA

    Hoping for some guidance and tried looking at dummies VBA but not managing to get right I have a workbook called interface there are various options say 1 -25 and if the user clicks on say Dundee Information which may be option 9, it opens up dundee informaion I then have a home icon on this...
  16. J

    get current workbook path for Application.GetSaveAsFilename vba

    I have code below to save my workbook file as WriteResPassword, but is there any way to get current workbook's path in the interface from Application.GetSaveAsFilename? For now saving as interface displays document folder, so it requires 5-10 more clicks to get where I wanted. Sub...
  17. R

    Extract specific data from .txt file into Excel using VBA

    Have a .txt file that contains specific data that needs to be extracted and placed into corresponding columns in Excel. New to VBA coding so having difficulty in making this work... below shows the code I have thus far but when run, it only extracts the first set of data but does not move onto...
  18. B

    Integrate two Tables from different worksheets

    Hi, all - I have an inventory interface we use to track items that have left our store location without payment. We would like to make the interface more detailed, so we have uploaded our Master SKU List into the same Excel workbook (this includes inventory levels, item description, etc.)...
  19. S

    Comboboxes to automatically update as new entries are put into column.

    Hi there, I have 5 different combo boxes - each combobox corresponds to a different column. I have labelled the combo box as 'cbo' followed by their column as such: cboDocumentSort = column B cboDocumentRef = column C cboRelatedRef = column D cboEngineType = column K cboUnitType = column L I...
  20. S

    VBA userform warning for filters still shows interface

    Hi there, I currently have a command button and when pressed a userform interface appears. However if a filter is on in the spreadsheet and I press the command button a message box appears stating that "filters are on. please turn off filters before entering information in the userform" - then...

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