interior color

  1. L

    Copy daily changing rows from a workbook paste to another workbook

    Hello, I’m trying to copy columns A:C down to row 52. ( Attached image source1 and 2) However the amount of rows I want to copy can change day to day. I want to create a macro that will copy in the data but since the amount of rows can change day to day I’m having issues. I’ve thought about...
  2. A

    Color every other column within range

    Hello, I have data in certain columns, and I would like to set their interior color so that every other column is green, and the others are blue using VBA. However, I only want the filled cells to be colored, not the entire column. If I have data in Range("A1:D10"), I would like A1 and C1 to...
  3. K

    Copy rows if cell a is green in any sheet to a master sheet ! Vba

    I am trying to do something relatively simple and can't seem to get the copied rows to show up. I would SINCERELY appreciate ANY HELP!!!!:confused: 1. I have 10 sheets in a workbook (I inserted all of these based off of the same macro enabled template) 2. I am trying to copy the highest...
  4. K

    Change conditional formatting to VBA for efficiency

    I have conditional formatting set up now but it is much to slow, I need something more efficient. Here is the formula I have: =OR(AND(F4="", $E4="Finished Good"), AND(F4="",$E4="Device Identifier")) This is applied to D4:CG2700 I need a sub in VBA to loop through the rows and if column E equals...
  5. T

    How to set cell back color for a cell that is hidden via an auto filter

    I can't set the cell back color for a cell that is hidden via an auto-filter. Does anyone know how to change the cell color without clearing the auto-filter? Sub SetCellBackColorForAutoFilteredCell() Dim r As Range Dim lo As ListObject Set r = Range("A1:A3") r.Value =...
  6. D

    Clear cells based on their interior color

    Hello I'm trying to use this code; 'Zeroise yellow cells Range("C8").Select Range(Selection, ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlLastCell)).Select For Each cell In Selection If ActiveCell.Interior.Color = "FFFF00" Then cell.Clear End If Next But it's not working for...
  7. A

    On Change cell Formatting issue

    I have a Workbook with 31 Worksheets. On each Worksheet I have 3 columns total (A,B,C) and each entry is two rows. I need help to change the interior color of A1 & A2 (and each pair with the same reference) when a value is entered into the top row (for each pair) of the B Column. I will also...
  8. S

    Reference cell A1 to change interior color and bold text

    Hi all. So i'm working on automation a whole process and i'm stuck on a what I would think was a simple part but it's giving me trouble. I need to loop through a range in column A and if the cell has the same text as cell A1 then bold the text and set interior color to 15. When I run this it...
  9. S

    Set tab color based on defined cell color

    I am looking to write code that automatically changes the color of a tab based on the color of a specified cell. The cell color is not static and is set based upon the number of the previous month. I understand the below code won't execute but it explains what I'm looking to do as simply as...
  10. W

    VBA Interior Color Issues

    I'm pretty new to this whole thing, I thought I had my code figured out but it won't run properly. I'm in a workbook with a Master Sheet and four other sheets. When a cell has been marked as "Completed" I want a cell on the Master Sheet to automatically fill in as green. When the original cell...
  11. Gos-C

    Hightlight Row Range if Criteria is Satisfied

    Hi all, I need the following code to highlight A:EF if the row has the value 4000 or 4500 in column J. It does that. The function checks if a corresponding record, which indicate void, is found - F, G and CE will be the same as the original record. If one is found, I want the code to...
  12. G

    Range Interior issues

    This is the code I'm using. Nothing complicated... Public Function setRangeColor(fromCellAddress As String, toCells As Range) Dim fromCell As Range Set fromCell = Range(fromCellAddress) toCells.Interior.ColorIndex = fromCell.Interior.ColorIndex setRowColor =...
  13. F

    Change Interior Color from VLOOKUP Cell?

    Hi, Got the below piece of code in my worksheet "POSITION SETUP". In that sheet i have two columns in a table, A where i fill in my position title, ex. "POS1", and B where i select the words "NONE","RED","YELLOW","BLUE"....Etc. from a validation list. I use the attached code for that worksheet...
  14. V

    SpecialCells Delete Based on Interior Colo

    Hi All, I have column of cells that I loop through and delete the cell if the interior color = vbCyan I'm wondering if It's possible to delete (shift:=xlup) cells using SpecialCells in the column where Interior.Color=vbCyan. Any thoughts? John, In Annapolis
  15. T

    If and offset range help

    Hi, here is the problem i am having I have a worksheet which i need to check the condition of cell lets says k8=7 , if condition is true change the range of cells in this case A8:I8 to interior color = ? and font color = ? I then need to move 1 row down and perform the check again. k9=7...
  16. M

    Interior Color / Conditional Formatting

    I have a macro that checks to see if required cells are populated in a workbook, by looking at the interior color of the cell. I discovered that conditional formatting was used, such that the color of the cell, as a result of the conditional format has changed. My routine is not working as...

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