internet and vba

  1. T

    Click <div> button that has no "onclick" method

    I'm writing a macro to autograb data from a list of websites and one of my websites makes use of a toolbar. To pull up the download button dialog, I need to click a button on the toolbar labeled "Download." The "Download" button I am supposed to click however is not an actual button and has no...
  2. M

    VBA macro copy/paste text from Internet Explorer

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me as I've not done this before. I've written macros but never any that interact with Internet Explorer. I'm trying to automate a task that will allow the user to run the macro to copy specific text from an open browser window and paste the values into...
  3. S

    VBA Script to select the file and upload on IE

    Hi All i am trying to create a script to upload a wallpaper after signing. So far got through this after several attempts, your help is greatly appreciated. Source: Upload Upload current code Dim HTMLDoc As HTMLDocumentDim MyBrowser As InternetExplorer Sub VCW() Dim MyHTML_Element...
  4. I

    Unable to Run script

    Hi Guys, I need some help with my script below. I have no issues with part one of the script until when it starts going to the 2nd URL. I'll like the following to be done: 1. I'll like the "Live1" option to be selected. 2. The text to be copied and inserted from excel 3. From the masterIB...
  5. M

    Internet Automation Retrieving DIV class results

    Hi everyone, I am running into issues retrieving data back into excel after I automate the click on the web page. The html code that I believe has the results is[HTML]div class="zipcode-result-address"> 123...
  6. P

    VBA Navigation

    Hi People, I've got some VBA code where i log into a website and navigate to a webpage however, i then need to click a tab on that webpage to see the information i want to extract (the URL is different each time as its includes the date and time) therefore I need to use VBA to click on the...
  7. P

    Copy and paste with VBA from internet

    Hi guys i've set a macro up to take me to a webpage. ... now i want to select all and paste all information into "sheet1" cell a1 on my excel document and then copy and paste the data as vales into another tab (don't know the cell ranges yet depends on how the data is important. however on the...
  8. P

    VBA (i'm a novice with VBA)

    Hi, So as the title says i'm a novice when it comes to VBA used it once before about 2 years ago and didn't really get it :') so the time has come where I require it and still don't get it :) So what i need VBA for: I am currently manually populating a worksheet based on the values from...
  9. K

    VBA skipping lines of code and running differently on single step debug

    So I have this function that returns a value from a web page. The issue with this is that it works perfectly when I run it single step, but when I run it normally it returns another value. Aditionally, the last line of the code, "objIE.Quit", does not run only when I run the program normally...
  10. D

    IE Automation using Excel VBA (navigation issue)

    Hello, please help I'm trying to create macro which will pull data from site I was using this code for others projects. However, It's not working with I think the problem is in Set Element = .document.getElementsByName("searchText") Maybe I didn't choose...
  11. C

    Open a URL without redirecting

    Hi, I'm a long time reader but first time poster. I've spent a long time googling and am hoping someone can help me. My problem: I want to open a specific URL from Excel. The issue is that the URL needs to be opened exactly - I'm using a specific gmail URL string which won't work if it's...
  12. M

    Input Data to a webpage which is already open.

    Hi, I'm looking for codes to get access to a webpage which is already open. I don't want vba to open the url for me as user will manually login into that. Once webpage is ready, vba will input data from excel to webpage. I can manage the codes to feed data but not sure of how to get in to the...
  13. R

    Downloading odds from the internet using VBA

    Dear all, I'm trying to use VBA to download the odds for Manchester United versus Manchester City. I would like the odds to come from which is using flash (i think). Is that possible? If not, is there a way around it? I will really appreciate your help. Kind regrads Rasmus
  14. R

    Website Navigation with VBA

    Hello, I am working on a project where I need to pull data from a website. The website requires that I sign in using a username, which I have already done. I then get taken to a landing "Home" page, but I need to navigate from that page to my desired webpage. From there I need to scrap the...
  15. V

    VBA Internet Automation

    Hi, I am trying to use VBA to log into a website and then complete several actions. So far I managed to log into the page, but I am unable to then click a button/link in a sub-menu. I would be really grateful for any advice on how to execute the link in this sub-menu. Thanks a lot! My VBA...
  16. K

    Reading XLSX file from the website

    Hi all, I understand that this topic was already covered a lot, but I didn't find the answer for exactly my case. The following code works for other web sites, but doesn't work for the one below: On this side<wbr>Index/History/NQLA5300 you could press the button...
  17. T

    Macro copying from cells in Excel to text field in IE

    I am trying to form a macro that copies a range of cells from an excel worksheet to a text field in internet explorer. I am able to get the macro to navigate to the text field that I want my cells to be copied to and I am even able to get something to copy to the text field. However, the result...
  18. T

    vba Internet Explorer password save.

    I have several worksheets at work that are used by various users. The site ie is navigating to is an internal website. For most there is no need for the code to log them in as there currently logged in on another instance of IE. But a few users have to log in each time excel opens a new...
  19. V

    VBA to navigate ie and select from a combobox

    The purpose of my code is to navigate to a web page (intranet), log in, click on some links and finally reach a page where I can select "Edit" from a combobox that will then give me a popup in (java?) where I can edit the division. The combobox values seem to dynamically change based off of a...
  20. B

    Automating already open IE Window

    Hello - first post here :) I'm a VBA newbie and haven't really started with the easiest project! I'm trying to pull some data out of a website using a VBA macro and would like it to use an existing IE window (as it requires user intevention to find the correct page in the first place - this...

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