1. S

    Upside down text with shrink to fit by textbox

    Hi, I need to invert text in cells up down side and I have found the best way to insert textbox and invert it then linking it to the cell. I try to make the text in the textbox to shrink to fit the size of the text box, thanks in advance.
  2. E

    Upside down text

    How can i invert the text of a cell?? Thanx Brian
  3. G

    Invert Numbers based on multiple criteria

    Hi All, basically I have managed to get "Drop nr" or let say unique rank by ID" in order" column but trying to get in reverse order "new drop a to z" instead. Colum D is showing what I want to achieve, Column B has following array formula...
  4. K

    UDF to solve or invert formula

    Hello, I have a simple formula, p = (a+b)^n - b^n, but need to find n in terms of a, b and p. Problem is there isn't an exact algebraic solution (at least not according to WolframAlpha), so I need to create a fully automatic user defined function (UDF) that effectively acts a bit like goal...
  5. L

    inverting a sparkline

    Hi, I've modelled myself into a cul-de-sac so I'm hoping someone has an easy solution! The data is accounting data, and so credit values are interfaced as negatives, and debits as positives. I'm using sparklines to show the sales and ebitda trends over several years for a number of sites, but...
  6. T

    Formatting that shows only last characters of cell / inverted text wrapping

    Hello everyone, I couldn't find enywhere online answer to my question - how to format cell in a way that, whenever number of characters exceeds i.e. 360, it shows only last 360 characters of given cell. I want full content to be seen only after double click or after extending hight of the cell...
  7. H

    Table Inside Out

    I have a table of values that are computed using input values from the first column (y's) and first row (x's). Each value in the table (z's) has a unique set of x and y. In order to plot z vs x and z vs y I need to create a list of unique x,z and another of y,z. My question is how most...

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