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    duplex printing

    Hi, I am looking for a code that gives the possibility for duplex printing. I tried to record a macro with it - but when I start it again - it prints on one side only. I can't find the code in the web - maybe someone help please ? thx Irek
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    looking for the column

    hi, I would like to write part of the code that select a couple of cells in a row (for example : Range("A1:A10).select) than: -find a text which is in one of these cells (for example "HP") - and gives me back column in which this text is input texts in selected cells will always be the same...
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    myname = inputbox

    Hi, at the begining of my macro I have : myname = InputBox("enter the name of the supplier") ' I input for example Supplier number 1 at the end of it I would like to input part of the name entered at the begining (for example Supplier) in cell A1 Can I use : inputbox ? could somebody help...
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    querytables.add(connection:="URL ....

    HI, Once a week I make HTML reports which then I store on my harddisc in one of the catalogues (data). Then I import these reports using such macro : Sub import_zSieciWeb() mypath = "C:/path/data" myname = InputBox("FILE NAME") With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="URL;" & mypath & "/"...
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    Hi, I have a problem with summing in VBA. the part of the VBA code is : range("B1").end(xlDown).offset(1,3) in column "B" I have invoices numbers and in column "D" I have value of the invoices. after the above code I need to write the code which sums the value of the invoices. Unfortunatelly I...
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    Hi, I have a part or VBA code which saves the file (let's name it "report") on my hard drive. Then I open another file ("data") and want to copy Sheet1 from "data" to "report". the problem is that the file "report" will be saved with different names (for example "report for July", "report for...

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