1. R

    Using ISBLANK across multiple cells

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a super easy problem for all you experts out there but I'm trying to figure out: On Sheet1 using an ISBLANK formula to look at cells F8,G8,H8,I8 and display whatever is written in one of them in cell C4 on Sheet2. Only one of the cells will ever have information in...
  2. M

    Adding More Conditions to an Existing Formula

    I have a formula that currently works correctly that is located in cell L2: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,'Site Assignments'!$A$1:$D$131,4,FALSE),"ASK JON FOR INFO") Now I want to add logic that says if cells F2 and I2 are blank, then leave L2 blank I think what I need to add to the formula above is the...
  3. Y

    CONCATENATE (Part If Blank)

    Hi. I'm making codes and descriptions for a list of products, the code and description is based on the product details (detailed in the following columns). Im using the CONCATENATE formula, the problem is some of the columns are not required for every item, but if I leave it blank the answer...
  4. Y

    No Blank formula (oposit ISBLANK)

    Hi. Is there a formula that i can use part of =IF / =IFS (the cell is not blank). As there is =IFS(ISBLANK(A1). E.g. =CONCATENATE(IFS(ISBLANK(A1),"",(the cell is not blank(A1),"YES")
  5. D

    ISBLANK and IF inside a VLOOKUP

    I have a table of information. Let's call this Table 1. Table 1 <tbody> A B C 1 Activity TNumber ID 2 Training 54465 3 Exercise A ABC111A 91299 4 Exercise B ABC222B 91300 </tbody> This second table (let's call this Table 2) allows the user to select an Activity from a dropdown...

    VBA Message box to show if user tries to enter info into a cell when another cell is empty

    Hi. Could someone please help me with this, as I can't get it to work right. I need to add a message box VBA to my worksheet which forces a user to enter other data before they can enter data into a specific cell, as follows: User needs to add data on the worksheet, which fills Cell H1, in...
  7. K

    If then nested with isblank count blank?

    I have four columns of pricing data. If columns A, B, C are all blank, then I want to output whatever is in column D. If Columns A & B are blank but something is in C, then I want C. If Columns A & C are blank, but something is in B, then I want B. If Columns B & C are blank but something is...
  8. P

    Does if(is blank()) provide efficiencies

    I just got sent a spreadsheet, obviously written by someone who doesn't actually use it, with countless vlookups against huge, whole column arrays! I've shortened all those ranges down and converted to index/match which has obviously helped massively. Im thinking to change to...
  9. J

    IF ERROR and ISBLANK Conundrum

    *Hi all, I am trying to do some data validation against some of the fields in an input form. Basically I want to be able to do an IF error for a Vlookup to validate the currency, so if that fails it should say "INVALID", but I also would like a, if the field is blank, "PLEASE ADD ENTRY". This...
  10. E

    ISBLANK or IF statements

    I’m looking to calculate a cell two different ways depending on whether or not it’s blank. For example: if cell B1 is blank, I want to calculate “Today()-A1”. If it is not blank, I want to calculate “B1-A1”. How would I put that into a formula that works? I can’t make it work in an IF Statement.
  11. T

    Help with multiple ISBlank and OR Statements

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with this formula, I can find a lot of info on the internet but not exactly what i'm looking for. Seems like only part of the formula works but not all of it. Thanks for any help. I'm trying to put a formula for this in cell F2 If E2 is Blank and B2=2 then...
  12. M

    How to return cell values from one sheet to another if cell is not blank and go to next one and again

    I have 3 sheets with listed different models there you can indicated how many you need of which model (~300 models). I need to use a formula in another sheet that check these sheets and if cell is not blank (quantity indicated), return information to main sheet (order sheet) - name, barcode and...
  13. J

    " False" error message using isblank with 2 if statements

    IF(isblank(D12),(F17<365,F27,IF(F17>364,F37,f12))) Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my formula?
  14. L

    filter-->blank and Isblank() and Go special -->Blank() are not in sync!

    Hi I am reading an article about deleting blank cells. The author suggested to use filter-->blank (see below please). So I tried it on a column which has some blank cells and it did work. Then I did undo that and went to Go Special-->Blank, to highlight them, but excel did not highlight them...
  15. N

    ISBLANK with seperate IF statements

    Good morning, I have the following formula that works well for the 1st part of my requirement but need help to meet the second part of the requirement as well. =IF(ISBLANK([@[First TAG meeting]]),0, TODAY()-[@[First TAGmeeting]]) work well but once a project is complete and there is a date in...
  16. B

    Adding ISBLANK to existing formula.

    Trying to add ISBLANK to the below formula. Struggling to get it to work. Granted, this is for sharepoint but to my knowledge this formula is the same on both applications. I am struggling to add ISBLANK to this so it returns blanks when Date Requested is blank. IF(AND(WEEKDAY([Date...
  17. I

    a Formula that might involve ISBLANK, AND, or OR

    <tbody> XX XY XZ AA BB CC (Formula) (Formula) (Formula) </tbody> What i am trying to do is if 2/3 are Blank between XX, XY and XZ then give error. But if all are blank or all have a value in it then do nothing
  18. M


    I can not seem to get my function to jive. I want it to populate TBD if an error occurs or if the field next to it is blank. I also have 2 DATEDIF incorporated. I have tried writing it forward and backward.
  19. P

    Conditional Format: Change Text if Other Cell Not Blank

    As the title says I'm wanting conditional formatting to be in use. Column K:K contains cells that are to be manually changed from blank to not-blank. When the cell is not blank I want to cell beside it, in Column L:L, to change text from "Due" to "Complete". Is this possible? I've managed to...
  20. S

    IF, IFS, nested IF, right formula?

    Hi everyone, okay I'm stumped and I'm getting lost in "IF" statements. I feel like I'm making things so complicated. Let me try and explain. This excel file lists units in an apartment building. I need to indicate if the unit is VACANT or AVAILABLE. <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Today's date...

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