1. W

    Iferror formula help

    Hello. I need help creating a formula to compare and look for items between sheet1 and sheet2 below. Sheet1 is a report I can run to see what lines currently exist in our system. Sheet2 is an example of what the monthly invoice looks like. I need to determine what the line numbers are (from...
  2. H

    Vlookup, if then function, iserror function

    Hi there, I am trying to create a function which does the following: In Spreadsheet "2016" column "Destroy" I would like to put: if [product code (which is found in spreadsheet "data 2") is AB (which is found in spreadsheet "data 2" on the same row but a few columns over) then the Destroy...
  3. S

    Excel IF(ISERROR Formula Error

    I am having issues with a complicated formula that has previously worked. In the past this formula insert text in 70-100 cells. Now I am only yielding text in about 15 cells. The goal of the formula is to copy the text from cell CO3 into cell CP2, if cell E3 = "system" and the text in CO3 is...
  4. C

    Using IfError function in VBA

    I have the follwoing code to add in an IfError formula to column 8 of my worksheet FinalRow = Worksheets("CompsByCourse").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row 'On Error Resume Next For p = 5 To FinalRow Worksheets("CompsByCourse").Cells(p, 8) =...
  5. V

    ISERROR in nested INDEX formula result NA#

    I'm lost,:eeek: I cannot find how to get the cell to display BLANK instead of NA# with the following code... Please help oh master of the Excel =IF(ISERROR(INDEX(List1, MATCH(0, COUNTIF($B$5:B23, List1), 0))), INDEX(List2, MATCH(0, COUNTIF($B$5:B23, List2), 0)), INDEX(List1, MATCH(0...
  6. E

    VLOOKUP and IF

    Hello, I am trying to use the VLOOKUP function whereby it will firstly lookup the value in cell A1 in 'sheet2' and display a column, but if it cannot find a match, i then want it lookup the same value in 'sheet3'. I am struggling with the formula for this - whether to use...
  7. K

    Highlight common values and highlight diffenent values

    I have country and city list separated based on the continents. We are collecting information of places visited. <code>1A Argentina 2A Brazil 3A Canada 4A United States 5A Newyork 6A Chicago 7A Washington 8A Toronto 9A Vancouver 10A Hamilton 11A São Paulo 12A Rio 13A Buenos Aires 14A...
  8. M

    Medianifs - please help translate an averageifs formula

    The following is a well functioning averageifs formula. I need a formula that will look at the same criteria and return the median for the given ranges. Please help translate this. I've been googling and don't see this complicated of a question anywhere. (Thank you in advance!)...
  9. 2

    Using AVERAGEIF & ISERROR together

    Hi all, I'm producing an average of G9-K9, but only if the result is over 0, so I have this initial formula: =AVERAGEIF(G9:K9,"<>0") This works fine. But I'm trying to include an ISERROR so if there's no results in the boxes specified the cell will produce a blank box rather than #DIV/0...
  10. FuzzyTom

    VBA to Check for a set of Characters in a Variable name

    Hi, I tried to use this code in VBA if ClName.Formula = Evaluate("=if(iserror(find("ccs",ClName)),0,1) "=" 1 then I know it is not correct, but here is what I am hoping to achieve. I would like to check the variable ClName to see if it has an extension of "ccs". For example the clients...
  11. M

    Find the cells that contain certain words of another sheet

    Hi, I have an excel document that contains 2 sheets. I want to look in the first sheet, in column A if the cells contain words from the list in column A of the second sheet. I do not want to find exact cells, but know which cells contain one or more words (in column A of sheet 2) in the texts...
  12. A

    Find exact match and partial within same cell

    Hi everyone, I've been struggling to find a way to use a single formula to look for a text within a cell and, in another case, an exact match in that same cell. This is an example: Case 1= if A1 contains "red apples, apples, pears, grapes", value is TRUE Case 2= if A1 contains "red apples...
  13. M

    Need Vlookup to return a result of "Not Recv'd not blank or N/A.

    Hi Everyone, This formula is working perfectly for the most part but If the cell in the range is blank, I want it to return a result of "Not Recv'd" instead it is returning a blank. I don't want that. Help! I want it to return the same result of "Not Recv'd" for an error and a blank...
  14. R

    IF AND ISERROR - Excel 2003 & Excel 2007 - Help needed to add in another function

    Hi all This is my first post on here so please bear with me, but thank you for reading. I would like to add an extra function into the formula below which was written by a work colleague who has since left the company. I have tried using my knowledge to amend it, but I am a novice compared to...
  15. J

    Vlookup and IsError functions in sports data

    <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> Name Day 1 Day 2 Average data (if there does not exist data for both days, use 1) Kevin Durant Kevin Durant #N/A 41.6 ?? LeBron James LeBron James #N/A 56.6 ?? Kevin Love Kevin Love #N/A 47.5 ?? Chris Paul Chris Paul...
  16. T

    VBA: Identical If statement works in 3 out of 4 cases

    This macro is pretty repetitive, sorry about that. It colors cells in two columns based on certain conditions. There are two columns (RangeToday and RangeYesterday). The operations are repeated on two tabs (Employees and Contractors). Sub Coloring() ' color codes apparent delinquencies for...
  17. S

    Help with ISERROR

    Hi, I have a formula for the world gum game predictor, which is throwing #VALUE errors as games have not yet been played, i am not sure how to intergrate the ISERROR within my formula, can you help please...
  18. B

    IF(ISERROR...won't return first value which is a cell reference

    Hello, I have to clean up a dataset of names by removing a middle name if it has been included with the firstname. So, I'm using the following formula to look for a space, return the cell itself if there is no space, or just the first word if there is a space. I know the formula is in German...
  19. C

    IF Vlookup remove n/a

    I am currently using this formula and want to get rid of #N/A IF(VLOOKUP(A3,Sheet2!A:B,2,0)=0,"PAYG",IF(VLOOKUP(A3,Sheet2!A:B,2,0)=1,"LOC") Any help appreciated!
  20. S

    VBA vlookup iserror with autofill to dynamic range - preset variables

    Thanks very much for your help on my last question. Here I am trying to use vlookups in vba with variables that are set depending on which worksheet I am working on. I want to loop through a column (C) doing vlookups until the last row and enter the value 'unknown' on an error. For each...

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