1. S

    Iserror formula

    Hi All, I normally write formulas that could error out or be #NA like this: =if(iserror(really really long formula),"",really really long formula) I don't like repeating the function as an error checker and then a result. Is there another way to do this? Thanks Steve=True
  2. T

    How to use IF(ISERROR(FIND))) to search multiple cells in one row

    =IF(ISERROR(FIND("letter of credit",OR(O16,P16),1))=TRUE,"NO","YES") I tried to use OR(O16,P16) to get the formula to search for both O16 and P16 to check if either cell contains "letter of credit." The original formula works: =IF(ISERROR(FIND("letter of credit",O16,,1))=TRUE,"NO","YES")...
  3. K

    Nested formulas with CSE

    Hi guys, Its a bit of tricky question but I could really use some help. Basically I'm using a whole bunch of Array Formulas (CSE function) to look up and count cells that are a listed in an adjacent excel sheet. I need a function that says: Count the number of people in excel sheet 'survey...
  4. E

    IF ISError problem

    I am attempting to write code so that after a Vlookup is performed, if it returns an error it enters into a loop and adds 1 until the vlookup finds an actual value from the chart. The program has no problem if there is no error found, but if an error is found it returns "#value!" in excel. any...
  5. H

    TRUE/FALSE statements and blank cells

    Hi Chaps, Why is it that when I use the following formula in cell C3...=IF(A1>0.95,"A","") and then in cell A1 i have the formula =IF(ISERROR(B2/B3),"",SUM(B2/B3)) I get the result "A" even though cell A1 results in either a #N/A! #DIV/0! error. Is there any way around this? Cheers
  6. L

    Complicated Iserror and Vlookup

    I am trying to do a complicated vlookup. First I want to look up a value in one sheet. If found, return that value. If not found, look it up in another table. If found return that value. If not, look it up in yet a third table and return that value. I can't seem to keep all of the...
  7. V

    Sum with error

    Hello all, I'm having an issue trying to do what I thought was simple sum formula. I want to create a formula where I can sum the cells while ignoring the #N/A values. An additional problem is that the cells that I want to add are not consecutive. For example, I want the sum of A1, D1...
  8. J

    nested iserror gives error

    Hey all, I have a query: =IF( ISERROR( SEARCH("&", J2) ), IF( ISERROR( SEARCH(" ", J2) ), J2, LEFT(J2,LOOKUP(2^15,FIND(" ",J2,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(J2)))))-1)),SUBSTITUTE(J2,MID(J2,FIND(",",J2,1)+1,FIND("&",J2,1)-FIND(",",J2,1)),"")) It converts this: AVERNA,ROBERT C Corn,Marlin...
  9. J

    If there's not an ampersand, I want cell to be empty - it gives me #VALUE! instead

    Hey all, This is pretty much complete. The only issue I'm having is that if there's not ampersand, then just make the cell empty. Rather, it gives me VALUE error: =LEFT(A1,IF(ISERROR(FIND("&",A1,1)),"",FIND("&",A1,1)-1)) It doesn't like "" for some reason. Any other way to make the cell...
  10. S

    Testing for evaluation error and specifying alternative value, all without repeating myself.

    How do I test for an evaluation error and specify an alternative value without repeating myself? The only way I know is to use "if(iserror([...]),[...])", which is tedious and forces me to repeat myself (in "iserror()" and at the last argument of "if()"). Is there a simpler syntax like in some...
  11. C

    If Iserror or 0 formula....

    Hi there I’m trying to build a formula to say: if iserror or 0, then return “”. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Here’s what I’ve got so far.. <o:p></o:p> =IF(OR(ISERROR('[TEST KPI.xls]Input'!$K$7),('[TEST...
  12. J

    ISERROR Runtime error "1004" issue

    I have been trying to get this code to work for 2 hours now. I have to columns of dates/times that I need to find the difference between and put that variable in another column that is formated as time. If there is a blank cell in either of those columns it gives me a #Value error. I'm trying to...
  13. T

    If IsError and WorksheetFunctions

    Hey guys, I am developing a function that does a couple of things. First, the user specifies player names in 'Scores'!A1:A1000, and then various statistics in 'Scores'!B1:G1000. The function loops through these entries, and then updates the corresponding cells in the 'Lifetime Statistics'...
  14. C

    DIV/0! error HELP :(

    Hi Guys, I am trying to return a blank from the below function, however my ISERROR doesn't seem to be working? Can anyone shead some light? Thanks BEFORE ERROR CHECK...
  15. R

    Need Help to Run Formula IF Error

    I am currently working on a database that features a "Name" column with names in two formats, both "last, first" and "first last". I have been trying to figure out an automated way to convert all of the "last, first" to "first last", yet skipping over the ones that are already in the correct...
  16. E

    Adding "ISERROR" to Formula?

    I'm trying to avoid the "#N/A" result from each of the below formulas... I've tried to add the "ISERROR" function to each of the below, but must be screwing something up. Can I trouble you folks for the proper way of adding the "ISERROR" function for each of the below formulas? Formula #1...
  17. A

    Summing Mulitple values from variant pivots

    Hello, I am trying to add data from 3 different pivot tables for a certain value set, generally my equation is working but I am running into a problem with one of the categories as it is null in one of the three sets I am addding from - causing the entire thing to kick back blank. Here is my...
  18. R

    Unable to get the Search property of the WorksheetFunction class.

    I am having trouble with IsError function consistently catching errors in my call to the Search worksheetfunction. For example, here is a snippet of my code that works just fine: If IsError(Application.WorksheetFunction.Search("__*-DEFERRED", netName)) Then If...

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