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    Excel Formula Situation; Relatively Direct Method to Produce Formula Counterparts for Text Strings

    I had an Excel file, perforce, where I wanted to identify the cells containing formulas. I recalled the ISFORMULA function. I used the ISFORMULA function in tandem with an IF function and FORMULATEXT to reproduce the formulas in the respective cells. The complication occurs in that the...
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    How to make ISFORMULA conditional format exclude 'manual' formulas

    I have a conditional format in Excel 2016 set to shade cells that are formulas using the ISFORMULA() function. However, it also shades cells that include two manually input values added --- i.e. =1000+2000. That cell is still a value that will need to be input and, thus, NOT shaded. Any...
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    Excel IsFormula Function Alternative Formula

    Hello Mr. Excelers!!! I'm using Excel 2016, however @ work they're using Excel 2007. How do I write a formula alternative to the IsFormula Function??? Thanks 4 any help concerning my issue!!! God's Blessings!!! :confused::confused::confused:
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    How to use ISFORMULA() as a criteria for SUMIF function?

    Good day! What I'm trying to achieve on the example below is to show on cell D8 the sum of the values on column D plus a constant factor from either column A or B, depending if the value in D is a Formula or a Number. If the value in D is a formula, I have to add to the total the...
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    workbook Statistics (Cell counting)

    I need to get stats on ~ 600 work books. I am trying to determine from a list of workbooks; how many cells are occupied, how many have formula and how many are constants. I cant seem to figure out an efficient way of getting that info. I am OK with VBA and have built some reasonable routines. is...

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