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    excel 365 vs. 2011

    Hi, I was given a spreadsheet from someone who is using office 365. When I open up the spreadsheet, everything is OK except when I go to a certain tab. When this tab is selected the spreadsheet crashes. The original user has no issues with the tab, and he is using office 365. So I am...
  2. M

    Average including blank so reporting incorrect

    Hi, I need a formula to work out the average of a cell acorss multiple sheets. However it includes the 0 cell not as a 0 so reports back the wrong value =AVERAGE(Sheet1:Sheet200!L6) The only thing that may caus an issue is the L6 if acutlly already a formula in itselt of =SUM(M6*0.73)...
  3. G

    IF AND Formula Issue

    Good Afternoon, Minor issue with this IF AND Formula, I cannot get the results section to be more dynamic. As I copy the code down the page it stays Sheet4!B2/BFR!B2, but I need it to move to B3, etc. How would I go about that? The rest of the formula moves down correctly, just not the if...
  4. S

    Unresponsive ribbon after opening new workbook Excel 2016 VBA

    I'm quite a rookie when it comes to programming, however I have been able to build a couple of useful applications in excel, which automate some of my everyday tasks. Currently I am having an annoying issue when trying to open a new workbook using <code></code> in Excel...
  5. D

    IF Statement Issue

    Hi All, I know that there will be multiple threads about IF statement issues but i thinks mines quite specified :( You will see from below the statement checks for data in the cells and if empty moves onto the next...
  6. B

    Linked Excel File Issue (Short Text vs Long Text)

    I have an issue with a linked excel file. My data comes in as short Text cutting off the data and I cannot get Access to change the field I need changed to Long Text. I do not see an option to change it to Long Text when I import it either. Any idea how I can resolve this issue?
  7. N

    Issue with macro, the columns are not sort

    Hi Guys, I just came to this forum out of millions of Excel forums, I'm quite new with VBA because I dont use that much. Well , here is my issue. I have a macro which is reading angles degrees from 0 to 360 , increment 15 degrees. The macro is reading well the file but somehow is given me...
  8. J

    VBA pulling information incorrectly

    I am having an issue with a VLOOKUP. I have 318 look up values and the table array has 158 values. The extra lookup values should just go to zero with an IFERROR formula. The issue I am having is that the sum of the 158 values is 0, but when I perform the VLOOKUP the sum goes up to 49 million...
  9. L

    Format_Text Formula Help

    I'm sure this is simple, but I am stuck... I am using the following formula: =IFERROR(TEXT(D7-C7, "[h]:mm:ss"),"") This works great in preventing the "#Value!" errors I get when "D" doesn't have a date/time. The issue is that when neither cell has a date/time it returns there a...
  10. B

    Automatic Copying of Cells to Another Cells with Macro

    Hi Everyone, I am having an issue with using Macro. In fact I had never used it before. I am having something like this: A B C D E F 50Km Dispatches 1am 2am 3am WEST 64 173 EAST 36 203 NORTH 1 37 I want my...
  11. P

    Excel-VBA: Split text in single cell into multiple rows with origin cell dependent on filter

    Dear all, this is my first post on this board, hi everyone! I have been struggling with an issue for two days now, and so far haven't been able to find a solution. Also, I'm a total VBA beginner, so any help is greatly appreciated! I have two sheets in my workbook: The first is an output...
  12. P

    Multiple rows select

    Hi All! I would like to use multiple rows as range. I have tried the following code with no luck_ Range("a1:aj1") & ("a3:aj3") Can you help me with this issue? Thank you so much in Advance, Philip
  13. J

    Formatting issue

    Okay, so I have tried to Google this issue and can't seem to find anything or I'm not using the right key words. I have Excel 2010, my boss has 2016, and a coworker has 2013. All of my spreadsheets are Calibri, font size 10 and all spreadsheets are autofitted. When my boss or coworker opens my...
  14. E

    Rounding Issue

    Hi All, I have three values feeding into three cells on a separate tab (tab 2) Overall Total - 650,281.44 Value 1 - 311126.58 Value 2 - 339154.86 On tab 2, the overall total is recording as £650,281, it has been set to turn yellow if this value does not equate to value 1 and 2 being added so...
  15. O

    Vlookup Variable offset

    Windows 7, Office 2010 Sample Data <tbody> Sku Description Ordered MODE 1234 Widget 1 4 6 6 6 6 </tbody> Mode, column 4, has the following formula: =IFERROR(IF(ISBLANK(C6),MODE(INDEX(C:C,LOOKUP(2,1/ISBLANK(C$1:C5),ROW(C$1:C5))):C5),""),"") The only issue with...
  16. G

    Conditional Formatting Rows After Data Issue

    I have conditional formatting set to look at all of J Column as our data could expand. In the formatting it will set the cell to red if the cell value is less than or equal to TODAY(). The only issue I have is that it continues down after the last row of data. How can I fix this? I am using...
  17. S

    Issue with checkboxes in userform

    Hopefully, I will explain this well enough for people to understand :)I have quite a complex userform. The issue I am facing is when clicking a checkbox in a different frame it is not ticking on the first click. It takes a second click. I think the issue is there are a number of procedures that...
  18. M

    Formula Issue

    I need a formula which as an example, when A1 is 6, then it multplies A2 by 8.0186 and puts this value in cell A3, however if A1 is 8 then it multiples A2 by 14.2554 and places the value in A3 Thanks Everyone

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