1. D

    Formula issues getting blank rather than zero

    What am I doing wrong I am using this formula in cell E7 successfully =IF(D7-C7<0, 1+D7-C7, D7-C7). But when cell C7 has no data I do NOT want ‘0’ to appear in E7. I have tried various formulas including this one =IF(C7=””,””,D7-C7<0, 1+D7-C7, D7-C7) but it doesn’t work. Can someone please...
  2. I

    Pivot Table multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I have an excel workbook with over 50 sheets. 1 for each month and growing for each month. Each sheet contains my monthly expenses. I am looking for a pivot table to encompass every tab (same formatting) to give me a summary of what store/expenses. I assumed pivot table was the best route...
  3. E

    Networkdays formula issues

    Hi Team, Im using formula =NETWORKDAYS to calculate the days but the number are populating incorrectly for different dates. For all it should remain 2? Is there any other formula to correct these issues? <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Date Days 29/05/2019 31/05/2019 3...
  4. A

    Issues with count ifs

    Hi first post, so apologies if I make a mistake I need to count the following <tbody> Meter P7 2016 -2017 P7 2016 -2017 P7 2016 -2017 P8 2016 -2017 P8 2016 -2017 P9 2016 -2017 P9 2016 -2017 9761600 165 167 165 217 233 207 212 9763705 237 220 272 240 267 194 9766902 254 245 363 376...
  5. A

    Complicated formula giving "#value" and "You've entered too many arguments for this function"

    Hello, I am trying to figure out why Excel is giving me errors about the new formulas that I am creating. I have an original formula that works and gives me updates: =IF($B$3="(All)",CONCATENATE("Code ",$B$2," - Top Skills & Retirement Eligibility as of "&'Date for Charts'!C1),CONCATENATE("Code...
  6. K

    Protected Sheet and Cell Formating

    I created a document, Job Card, for our technicians to fill in after completion of work. There is plenty formulas in there as well as certain size constraints for printing purposes. Therefore I protected the sheet with a password. Pretty straight forward. Some of the technicians want to be...
  7. I

    formula help

    HI I am having issues doing an if statement , i seem to get the wrong end result, below is the data i have <tbody> A 1 0.48 2 - 3 0 4 1 </tbody> now when i do this formula below i should get 175 but for some reason i get 75...
  8. C

    Conditional formatting issues 2.0

    Hi, Please see screenshot: I have so many issues with this condiational formatting, now I am facing this. Everything looks perfectly correct to me but the conditional formatting still colors the cell, why?
  9. P

    Database Not Responding

    I created a database and placed it on a shared network where a typical day sees two users entering data into forms that each update the same table. They have both complained of this taking a long time, errors out, and/or get a "database not responding" message. In researching this I thought I...
  10. S

    Standardizing Data in excel

    Long story, but will try to make the explanation brief. I work with an individual customer and provide information on a daily basis. normally we enter our info into a database and the customer imports into their own and then does what they want with the data. This particular customer (same corp...
  11. P

    Select last used cell And it's Offset

    I would like to use "Range("G" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)" to determine the last used cell in Range("G"), and select it AND its "Offset(1,0)". I am running into issues when pairing it with the Autofill code from Macro Recorder. See below: What I need to do (This is only an example, and does not...
  12. Z

    Help with Counta and Worksheet_Change Event

    Hello All, Here is my code i'm having issues with: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub Set R = Intersect(Target, Range("K:Y")) If Not R Is Nothing Then For Each Cell In R If Cell.Value <> "" Then If Cell(Target, "A")...
  13. B

    "Office has detected a problem with this file. Editing it may harm your computer. Click for more details"

    Good afternoon, I have been working on projects using the only version supported here, 2000. To date I have had no issues working on it from my home PC running 2010 as long as I ran it in compatibility mode. Yesterday I opened it from home and got a red banner at the top with the message...
  14. P

    Copy the text in textboxes into an email

    HI Good moring, please can you help me, i have the code below where it is copying a range of cells A5:K24 into an email, but hovering over some of these cells are text boxes, please see screen shot below where the big white spaces are i have 2 textboxes in each where text is typed into, please...
  15. C

    Scrubbing a worksheet

    So this seems it should be simple but i cant get it. I want to remove all non alpha charectors from a spreadsheet but not the spaces, which is where i am getting issues. So if I had [ "bob's Number*1 ten." ] the results would be [ bobs number1 ten ]. Any ideas? Thanks.
  16. C

    Clicking an active tab opens the previous tab?

    Good afternoon - Strange case here and I can't seem to find any background after an afternoon of Google/forum searching. I have a file that is recreated annually with tabs created for each month's work. The 2018 file had no issues, but, the 2019 file is causing issues. When, say, the March tab...
  17. F

    Macro to filter data based on number of days action is due from today's date

    Hi there, I have created an action plan that has a main menu that filters the action plan as required. One of the macros looks at filtering for items that are due within either 15 days, 30 days or now (I don’t have one for overdue yet). I have set up based on some advice what the macro should...
  18. I

    Chart issue driving me crazy

    Hello All, Have a chart issue that is driving me crazy: I have a pivot table as such: Name (row labels) Number of issues Number of calls Joe 10 20 Mary 12 25 Tom 5...
  19. T

    Calculate percentage

    I am trying to work out a percentage... <tbody> COUNT ISSUES TOTAL 13 1 8% </tbody> This is what I'm currently getting, however I want to flip it. So that the 8% in the total column displays 92% instead. So the count of 13 is 100%, minus the issues of 1 which is 8% which gives me a total...
  20. O

    Alignment issues

    Hi. I have an issues with alignment in the worksheet below. .For some reason the column headers have started behaving strangely. You can see, even thogh they are centre aligned and columns are plenty wide enough they have started to be misaligned. Please help! They have all of a sudden done...

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