1. Sigh

    COUNT italics

    Is it possible to COUNT based on the font style of a cell? I want to count the number of cells in italics if possible.
  2. L

    mail merge

    I’ve been learning word mail merge with excel. The question is how to get the merge fields in bold and italics but for only one single cell. When I apply bold formatting it formats all of the merged items at once. I only want one to be bolded and one with italics
  3. R

    Formatting Part of a Cell - urgent help please

    Hi, i'm new to this so ill try to cover as much detail as i can to avoid confusion. For my final year project i have decided to make a hardvard referencing tool using VBA. The Form has a set of radio buttons at the top with the different media options to choose from such as a book, website...
  4. F

    Excel 2007: need to concatenate and retain italic formatting

    Hi Mr.Excel/Excel gurus: I'm trying to use Excel 2007 to concatenate author/journal source information... Specifically, I would like to concatenate some text (e.g., authors' names) in non-italic format - with some text (e.g., journal names) in italic format. The trouble is that the formula...

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