1. J

    VBA Code to find max value from horizontal text from list having numbers

    Dear All, I have the following names in a row like below <tbody> #FFFFFF[/URL] "]Sam #FFFFFF[/URL] "]John #FFFFFF[/URL] "]Jack #FFFFFF[/URL] "]George Paul #FFFFFF[/URL] "]Mathew Joy </tbody> and I have a table on another sheet where I have the following data, <!-- Please do not...
  2. S

    How to pick 1st word

    Hi I want a formula to pick 1st word from the sentence , please help Jack & Jill = Jack Please come = Please Gross Margin = Gross
  3. K

    Minimum value and date it occurred against a person

    I have a simple table showing a list of golf scores with the name of the person and the date of the round. From this list I want to be able to put in a separate table the date and lowest score of each of the players Name Score Date Name Date Best Score Terry 73 01/05/2019...
  4. A

    Inserting Rows Automatically... ?

    I'm working with a long list which is a bunch of names in one column - they are in teams of a maximum of 5, but usually less so I need to create blanks rows to keep things in order: Column A/B is what I need to achieve - from the basic list I get in column E... <tbody> A B C D E...
  5. A

    Counting The Number Of Non-Duplicate Cells ??

    What is the easiest way to count cells with the same value, across columns? <tbody> A B C D E F G Jack Jill John Jane 4 Jack Jack John John 2 Jill Jill Jill 1 John Jack Jack Jane 3 </tbody> The first 4 columns have names as above, and column F has the...
  6. Q

    VBA - Search Google

    I have the following code which triggers when the user double clicks on a field: Application.FollowHyperLink "http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=" & BusinessName This works fairly well and opens Google to search for the value in the BusinessName field. However, some Businesses contain "&" -...
  7. W

    Count Unique Values in a list based on criteria

    Column A has an Employee Name Column B has a Date An employee name can repeat on the same date I want to know by month the sum of the count of the number of unique names each day. John Doe 4/2/2019 John Doe 4/2/2019 Jack Smith 4/2/2019 John Doe 5/1/2019 Jack Smith 5/19/2019 Jack Smith...
  8. E

    SUMIFS with multiple criteria in different rows

    Hi everyone, Apologies I seem to be stuck on what I thought would be a simple formula. I have a large dataset of customers taking flights (one ways in the dataset) and I am trying to calculate how many are 'most likely' round trip flights (matching by customer name then origin to destination...
  9. Q

    Filtering in one row

    Hello, i need help in this please <tbody> <tbody> name </tbody> <tbody> type </tbody> <tbody> Jack </tbody> <tbody> iphone </tbody> <tbody> Jack </tbody> <tbody> android </tbody> <tbody> John </tbody> <tbody> iphone </tbody> <tbody> John...
  10. V

    Bolding words from text

    I have raw text data in cell A1 I also have list of words that I want to be bolded to that cell. (These words are listed in column B) I want it to be like this: Bold every "Jack" and "John" in cell A1: Jack and John are brothers. Jack is older than John. Jack likes football but John hates...
  11. J

    concatenate with formatting

    Hi I need help on this. I have two column A & B A1 B1 C1 (concatenate result)-Bold and Italic Happy Family Happy Family May I know what should I do? Thank you Jack T
  12. P

    create 2 lists from one

    Hi all, I have the following data in the range C1:D15 ... <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Original Email Barber, Isabella (59792) melissa.barber@bigpond.com Barber, Isabella (59792) robert.v.barber@hotmail.com Bell, Maya (83298) gaye.grahambell@bigpond.com Bellamywells, Lewis...
  13. B

    Applying Min & Max in Access

    I have a basic Table of Projects similar to this: Project Name Month Proj01 Bob 1 Proj01 Bob 2 Proj01 Bob 3 Proj01 Jack 4 Proj01 Jack 5 I can take table out to excel and add Min & Max formula to present as: Project Name StartM...
  14. E

    Counting continuous duplicates

    Hi Team, I have a below data and we would want to know how many time word P has repeated continuously for each name. I have give the result which I require for Jack it should be 4 (Its repeated 4 times continuously) and for Jill it should be 2 (Its repeated 2 times continuously) and for James...
  15. J

    Exporting data to new sheet with conditions.

    I have sheet1, where there is a table in below format. <tbody> A B C D E F G H Prop ID: Leads ID: Caller Category: Duration: Type: Name Date Link ONI10P07 7631565 Prospect New 5 Phone Jack Hill 09/04/2018 www.google.com ONI10P07 7631578 Prospect Followup 20 Phone Jack Hill 09/04/2018...
  16. W

    Formula to add value to cell depending upon criteria in another cell

    Hi All Can anyone help me please with a formula for the following example. Ideally, I would like a regular formula, but if this is not possible, then a UDF would be much appreciated. I have the following in columns A, B and I would like the result to be as per column C (Owner Name) :-...
  17. B

    I give up, VBA it is, But there is a twist..

    So I have been trying to do a supercharged vlookup. where it could match a part number on one sheet, with the one on another sheet ( after both have been trim and matched in format ) and return all the drop locations. Well the array that worked the best, crashed Excel and would run too long. So...
  18. L

    Require VBA Code

    There are 4 excel sheets in a workbook and every sheet has huge data i.e. datewise productwise sales details Now i want get the below details in 5th excel sheet i.e. total sales of specific product in specific time by using VBA code as every sheet has atleast 4-5 lakhs data Why i'm asking...
  19. D

    win 10 access 2007 what is this

    In a program I wrote many years ago I have this code #If vba3 then some code here #end if What is #If vba3 tia Jack
  20. Neffy

    Excel Formula Assistance

    Hello, I been whacking my brain on this little problem for a few days now and about to cry So i have 2 tables Table1 <tbody> Month Name Hours 1 Joe 3 1 Jack 4 2 Joe 5 2 Bob 3 2 Nancy 6 3 Jack 4 </tbody> Table2 <tbody> Name Jan Feb March Joe x Jack Bob Nancy...

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