1. J

    Macro to disabe a macro

    Hello Can I have a macro to disable another macro Thanks Jason
  2. J

    Hide headings in all worksheets

    No doubt this has been covered before is there a VBA to hide the headings in all worksheets Thanks everyone Regards Jason Bing
  3. J

    Returning Home

    Is there a way to get a workbook to activate a certain worksheet, say Sheet1 "A1" after a set period of inactivity? Thanks Jason Bing EDIT: I know you can get a workbook to save and close after inactive time. But I need it to return to a home page?
  4. Z

    Formula - Creating A Sublist from a master list

    I have a master list of clients in a sheet (Client List)- the list is broken down into 3 columns - client code, client name, AT Member 1. On a separate sheet, I am trying to create a formula that will auto-populate under the correct AT Members name. ex: Client List! TSM Toyota of Southern...
  5. N

    Calculating two separate cells properly

    =SUM(COUNTIFS($B$3:$B$53,E57&"*",$U$3:$U$53,{"AFF","ENL"}&"*")) So first let me say thank you to whom ever is willing to help out it is greatly appreciated. Above is my formula for counting one cell if another cell meets the either requirement. The problem that I am having is, is that, the...
  6. H

    Need help with macro

    I am defiantly new to macros. i have learned a lot from this forum but cant seem to figure out how to write this macro. I am trying to take 3 player from each weekly results based on the previous week. For example, the first week the top 3 players would qualify. In the second week if any of the...
  7. O

    VBA: Find 2 cell values in the same row and display contents in listbox

    I have a userform that has a txtZip, Listbox1, & ComboBox1, cmdGetCity Short Story: I want to search for the Zipcode (txtZip) and State (ComboBox1) columns - and if they match the row of data, display the name(s) of the Cit(y)(ies) of that row (Column D) in Listbox1. Long Story: I want a...
  8. O

    VBA: Need to find 2 cell values in the same row and display in listbox

    I have a userform that has a txtZip, Listbox1, & ComboBox1, cmdGetCity I want a function that whenever cmdGetCity is clicked, it will search the B2:B81832 range for a zipcode that matches txtZip (entered by user) and, also, search E2:E81832 for data that the users selects in the Combobox 1...

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