1. Worf

    Using Excel to mix colours

    There are simplistic equations to add the RGB components of two colours, but they yield deficient results. A while ago a JavaScript library was released under the Creative Commons license, allowing to realistic pigment mixing. Here we will see how to run the JS code from Excel: Create a local...
  2. S

    Convert JavaScript code to VBA

    Hello guys, i am a noob VBA user and im looking for a way to convert geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to UTM coordinates and vice-versa. In my searchs, i found a JavaScript code that allows me to do that, but i would like and have to do it on the excel, where i have the map of my...
  3. C

    Excel Office Script - Unable to copy data less than 100K rows from csv to excel file

    Hi, It has been a while since the last time I sought for help. I have been testing a power automate flow which only job is to fetch information from a csv file to an excel file... the last activity of the workflow calls the 'run scripts' step which triggers an excel office script from an excel...
  4. N

    VBA to Javascript

    Is anyone here a whiz or genius at both VBA and JavaScript? We are looking to move a certain important document to Google Sheets which contains a hideous amount of VBA for the macros within it, in order to simplify things (they search for very certain information across various ranges of data)...
  5. J

    Webscraping Grocery Website

    Hi There, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get a simple webscrape to work. I am using a dynamic URL to search for a product (in this case 'GREENE KING ABBOT ALE') and what I'd like to do is have all the available links that return from the site to appear in column A of sheet called 'Single'...
  6. S

    How to trigger a webpage datepicker when doing web scraping?

    Hello, I'm trying to scrape what is known as the ' Yield calculation price' of a listed fixed income instrument. In order to get the right series, I have to set both a from and to date. These can be set by submitting the values to datepickers on the site, but the table underneath with the...
  7. MikeMcCollister

    VBA to Office Scripts

    I hear that eventually Excel will use Office Scripts, which is based on JavaScript. From my research this is only as a preview on the web version of Excel. Will this eventually be available for the desktop version of Excel? Has anyone started to use this? Will there be a means to convert...
  8. B

    Best Java Script Help Forum

    Does anyone know of a good Java Script forum thats as good as Mr.Excel? Ive got to start learning how to add some script to some pdfs and need help.
  9. H

    PDF Manipulation in VBA

    This my be outside the scope of this messageboard. I have a number of automation processes running many reports and such. One of the tasks that needs to be done is to save an word file as a PDF. This is, of course, trivial in VBA. However... What I really need to do is use Acrobat DC ability...
  10. E

    VBA to Javascript

    Hej Guys. I made a little VBA-script i now i need it translated to Java script. I made it in excel and now i need to use it in google sheets. The VBA code is this: Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim B As Range: Set B = Range("B:B") Dim v As String...
  11. A

    Javascript to VBA

    Hi Everyone, I coded this following in adobe PDF using java script and I would now like to convert it into excel. Could you please help me with trying to convert this following code into VBA? if (event.value == "Distribution") { var cost = Number(this.getField("cost...
  12. R

    Javascript to VBA

    Is there a way to convert Javascript to VBA without recoding from scratch?
  13. K

    Website not updating after inserting drop down option via VBA

    I've tired a lot of different approaches and still have not figured out any way to overcome the issue. When use the .selectedindex = 10, the option appears just like i wont it to, but the date range boxes will not appear after i've picked the option. ive tired .focus .fireevents .click and many...
  14. K

    JavaScript must be enabled in order to view this page

    Hi there, I use Excel web query to get data from the web page. Sometimes the query works but on occasion, it returns nothing but the phrase in the title. I checked both my chrome and IE browsers, Javascript has been enabled in both of them. Url in question...
  15. 4

    VBA: Select value from html dropdown

    Hi, I come across a very challenging task that I can't find a way to accomplish. The goal is to to fill/ choose value from a drop down list which I suspect has a Java script applied on it which not allowing me to easy choose value by id. I manage to type in the value in the search bar, mimc...
  16. D

    Javascript errors and how to deal with them

    I am just starting with JavaScript in Excel, and I have downloaded the "Excel JavaScript UDFS" book from this site. I have installed the sample add-in, but I have a problem with the RangeAverage function: With a large range (e.g. 1 column x >500,000 rows) it returns #NA #. After returning this...
  17. I

    Inserting user ID and password

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to auto certain processes and i'm trying to automatically login to a certain website. Below is my VBA code and the java script of the website. Until the line when its suppose to insert the userid and password, an error appeared. Appreciate any advise <form...
  18. K

    Internet Explorer webpage - login and password

    Hello, I have a website, for which I would like to write a macro for providing username and password, and log in with specific credentials. The website is written in JavaScript language. I am using MS Excel 2016, IE v11. Here is my current code (I needed to provide "xxx" where necessary): Sub...
  19. H

    javascript THIS in vba

    Hello Is there an equivalent function in VBA as THIS in javascript? Regards
  20. M

    Get URL from website

    Hello, I have a trouble with getting URL from the website: On this website there is a table. The text "Zobacz" within the table is a hyperlink and from this place I want to get URL. I can click on this url using below code, and then browser trying to open...

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