1. T

    Complex Unique Count

    Hi Guys, Is there a way to do the following: Count the unique Ref, Name and Date so the required results would show in the 'unique count' column. So the below is basically saying for example, Jim appears 5 times in the table with the same ref no but is on two different days, so essentially...
  2. C

    Assign column values to heading? - Linking Cell Movement

    Hi! I want to be able to make cells move together if I change the value of one of the headings. I currently have the heading set up to come from another sheet using a vlookup. When I insert a column on the other sheet, (say, Jim) the second table below is what I get, but what I want to occur is...
  3. N

    Conditional Copy and paste

    Hello, I have a sheet of data where column one is a list of names and column two is a list of dates. Some names have multiple dates (multiple entries). I need help writing a macro that copies and pastes the rows of data onto a new sheets and if a name is repeated the rows are pasted together on...
  4. Jym396

    Why do I get another number when I enter one?

    I type this: 12345678987654321 And I get this: 12345678987654300? Formatted as number. Thanks, -Jim
  5. B

    Pivot/Transpose from Rows of multiple duplicates with columns to single rows

    I have two issues I'm trying to solve 1: I have this: <tbody> Doug Before 7 Doug During 4 Doug After 9 Jim Before 3 Jim During 7 Jim After 4 Karen Before 3 Karen After 6 </tbody> And need it to look like this <tbody> Name Before During After Doug 7 4 9 Jim 3 7 4 Karen 3...
  6. O

    Data Analysis of Excel Tables - SUMIF

    <tbody> Game Win Draw1 Draw2 Loss Win Goals Draw1 Goals Draw2 Goals Loss Goals 1 Calum Steve 3 3 1 Owen James 1 0 1 Jim Victoria 2 1 1 Peter 0 1 1 1 2 Calum Dan 4 5 2 James Steve 4 5 2 Phil Tom P 1 1 2 Tom G Dave 2 0...
  7. R

    Looking for a formula that locates specific text in range of cells are returns specific text value

    What I'm trying to build is a formula that will search a range of cells and return a specified text value if there's a match. Specifically I'm looking for names which may appear along a reports to hierarchy, 1-7. If the formula finds a particular name, any where in the range, I want it to...
  8. O

    Schedule Conflict code

    Hi all! I am not really sure what to call what I am looking for, so if this has been asked before I apologize. I am making a schedule each month and I want to make sure I dont schedule people in more than one department. Is there a function that will allow me to type in a name on one sheet and...
  9. A

    Highlighting "duplicates" only AFTER they have appeared two times....

    I've read a lot about highlighting duplicates, or all values that appear x times - but my problem is a little more complex than that. I want to only highlight cells that appear 3+ times (excluding the first two occurrences). For example: <tbody> Jim Bob Bill Mark Jane Jim Bill...
  10. A

    Calendar Help

    Hi everyone, I am looking for help in creating a calendar for work I would like to get the following cells formatted so if there are 5 names the cells all colour red, 3 or 4 they colour yellow and 1 or 2 they colour green. Does anyone know if this is possible?. Thanks in advance Regards Alvin...
  11. C

    Multiple column Balance Summarization

    I have over 6000 rows of data. I have sorted it so each person has 2 lines of data that need to be added together. Each cust has 2 rows of data that need to be combined, but I need it to return the information in each column Row 1 (Col A - D) = Headers A Cust No B Name C Type D...
  12. P

    When data in cells from two different columns match, take sum of corresponding data from third column

    Hello, I have been having some trouble figuring out a SUMSIF or SUMPRODUCT formula to accomplish this, as well as searching on google and the forums for some time. Can someone please help me with the formula to accomplish the following: Three columns of data, A, B, C: <tbody> Chris Chris...
  13. B

    Extract Value that appears >=N times based on a criteria from a different column.

    I have tried searching and google with minimal luck. I am trying to help someone who is not excel savy at work. I am trying to extract a value that appears x times or more based on a criteria that is in a different column. For example, the report below has data on all the cost centers (column A)...
  14. B

    Convert stock buys and sells into offsetting trades

    Hi and thanks in advance for the help! I need to convert stock buy and sell requests into matched offsetting trade transactions. The Buys and Sells here are the inputs and the trades are the outputs. Answers in PQ are preferred but VBA or Excel are fine too. <tbody> Inputs Outputs...
  15. T

    Counting consecutive values that appear a set number of times. CountIf?

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help! If you guys could help me with this I would be hugely grateful as this would save me sooo much time every month. Basically, I want to count the number of times 1 appears in 3 or more consecutive cells. Each cell only contains a 1 or 0. <tbody> Name Apr 1st Apr...
  16. M

    Resource allocation and utilization

    Hi, I have been asked on a high level to show my resource utilization for my department. The tool has to be used by others than myself. We do not want to register hours etc., but just track allocation on a quarterly basis by inputting the percentage each resource is allocated to what...
  17. J

    Listing names in one column

    I have an column B, in which there are names of various people (Only the first Name). I want to have the names displayed only once in Col A. EG: In column B i have names like John, George, Jim, John, Pam, Jim. So the Column A should display names John, George, Jim, Pam.
  18. E

    Formula to select the earliest date

    <tbody> Person Date Amount Jim 2/21/2019 15 Jim 1/1/2018 85 Jim 4/6/2018 11 Andy 6/1/2019 23 Andy 4/1/2018 15 </tbody><colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup> I want a formula to pull the earliest date and amount for that per person: Output: need formula for below Date and amount...
  19. J

    Changing duplicate cells into column title

    Hi everybody! I've recently received a data sheet that looks like this: John 2017 $85 one John 2016 $87 John 2015 $88 Jim 2017...
  20. G

    SUMIFS +vlookup and Month/Quarter to date

    Hi, I have 2 tables in 2 sheets. Sheet1 <tbody> name Margin MTD Target MTD Margin QTD Target QTD James Mark Frank Jim Russell Conrad Denis </tbody> Sheet2 <tbody> Year Quarter Month Day Name Margin Target 2018 Q2 May 01-05-2018 James 10 20...

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