1. S

    Calculate hourly rate when SOME of the records are LESS than an hour?

    My formula is Daily Rate / (Total Hours * 24) Worked great until I hit a computation with 53 minutes. Background: job pays $45, and can take up to 3 hours, but often takes less time. For the first time, the job only took 53 minutes. The formula returns an hourly rate of $0.08 instead of a...
  2. R

    Using the rank function PLEASE HELP!

    Hello All, I have multiple vehicles at work and we make multiple drops during a day. I am currently downloading a days’ worth of information for the entire fleet and would like to rank the individual vehicles by the first job completed and then ascending all by the time it was completed (I...
  3. P

    Moving a Row with a negative value to another sheet

    Hi! Hoping someone can give me some help here. I have a spreadsheet for tracking jobs and work hours. I have a sheet to archive projects to have a running track of all of them. I'm looking for a way to move a whole row from my working sheet to the archive sheet when the days from job reaches a...
  4. D

    Combining SUMPRODUCT & COUNTIF with multiple criteria in sigle column

    I have a table which has a column containing job status (e.g. live, dead, invoiced etc) and a separate column with a job fee and a third column with a Sub Fee. I have used:- =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(TabJobs[Current Job...
  5. A

    Copying multiple rows of data and create a different spreadsheet per row

    I will try and explain as best as I can.. Basically, the company I work for needs a way to copy the data from a worksheet and paste it into a job card... At the moment, I have only managed to be able to write the VB so it creates one job card at a time (see below) Sub CreateJobCard()...
  6. Joe4

    Happy Halloween!

    Overheard at work today... They say that you should not dress for the job you have, but rather dress for the job you want. So, here I am, sitting in Human Resources, dressed as Batman!
  7. C

    Multiple print job in one sheet

    Hi, Is there anyway to do a multiple print job in a single sheet quickly? For example, in this sheet call 'Shop Ticket', there are 100 pages. Sometimes, I need to print page 1-10, or 1-50 or 1-100. Sometimes, I need to print page 1-10 and 11-20 and 21-30 and 31-40 etc etc.... BUT all in...
  8. gravanoc

    How to save meeting dates permanently with Excel?

    Someone wants the meeting dates they have held to be recorded and to be retrievable. This kind of makes me think a proper database is required, but maybe someone has a reasonable format where this can work. The workbook has already been setup to save the dates for a particular job number, but...
  9. B

    Macro for opening a pdf

    Is it possible to have a macro in my personal workbook that will open a pdf named job list thats in a certain folder.
  10. M

    Number of instances in column depending on other columns

    Hi again all Hopefully I can explain this properly. Worksheet is a large manpower spreadsheet. Column D (starting at Cell D9 is text of job titles drawn from a drop down list - where the data is held on worksheet Data. Column M (starting at Cell M9) can be either "Yes" or blank. In another...
  11. A

    count distinct values in range multiple criteria

    I am trying to count distinct vehicle numbers in a fleet schedule that have come in for Maintenance between certain dates. I have used the formula below to count the number of distinct vehicles: =SUMPRODUCT(IF((Order_Date<=$O$4)*(Order_Date>=$E$4), 1/COUNTIFS(Order_Date, "<="&O4, Order_Date...
  12. R

    Help adding data from multiple sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Each sheet is one 'job'. Each job can have several different employees in column A, and then the rest of the columns are for hours worked (example col B is Monday day shift, C is Monday afternoon, D is Tuesday day shift, etc). I want to be able to...
  13. M

    Multiple keyword filters within Pivot Table in Excel 2016

    For instance, I have a whole range of job roles and the count, and I want to group several functions together, such as: Group 1 Sales Marketing Business BD Business Development Group 2 Admin Administrative Accounts how do I filter and group them together easily as long as the job role...
  14. D

    Searching cells to see if it contains multiple text strings

    Hello, I am trying to search a cell to see if it contains an abbreviation for job title.. if it contains the abbreviation, i want it to put in the full job title which is reference in another cell. I have got it working for one text cell by the following...
  15. Y

    Compare two worksheet with new and missing rows and highlight cells of differences

    Need to compare last years old worksheet "sheet1" to current worksheet "sheet2" They have the same 12 columns, first column A is unique Request Job Number Both worksheets are similar but not the exactly the same size about 200 rows Completed job requests on old worksheet are removed from current...
  16. P

    Auto Fill a Form from a Database

    I have created a database for job lines in a plumbers that I work, for tracking new jobs. The database is completed using a data entry form to provide a new job number to a job. I have also set up a blank job line that gets printed out to give to the engineer that is going to this job. I have...
  17. J

    Copy cell value to another sheet and paste into cell (D) of row containing sheet name

    I am going around in circles!!! Please help!! I have a sheet called "FTBJOB2" containing a list of job numbers in column B and the "job status" in column D. With each new job a new sheet is created from a template. This sheet is named with the job number from the list in column B of sheet...
  18. J

    Copy entire row and paste it in another sheet

    I need a code to do the following. I have a sheet of job numbers (called FTBJOB2). The job numbers are located in column b of each row. There is then data pertaining to that job in the remainder of the row. For example Row 13 has job number 123 in column b Then in column c through about ak is...
  19. J

    Dynamic list of worksheets based on tab colour

    I have a workbook with about 16 admin and finance sheets. Then the rest of sheets contain the data for each job, like job cards. These sheets are coloured blue and the admin sheets are coloured green. I have been asked to create another admin sheet with a dynamic list of sheet names with...
  20. T

    Complete an Excel Sheet from Address Data taken from rows (lines)

    Hello Folks, It's been a long time since my last post and thank you in advance for all contributions that helped me back then. Here's today's question, which for some of you know doubt be reasonably quite straight forward. I have a sheet with data in it (engineers job sheet) Name, Address...

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