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    VBA code for copying and combining data from 2 sheets (joining 2 tables into a new one)

    Hello, I am looking for some help with my little challenge. I am trying to combine data from 2 different sheets in an automated way, but I don't know VBA and macro well enough to get this to work without help. I have 2 sheets and I want all the combinations from the to sheets to be copied to...
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    Join Tables

    Hello Friends Could you please help me with VBA Code for joining two tables on a common column and then generate a third table. Both the tables are on a separate worksheet and the result table needs to be on a separate sheet as well. I can easily do this using Access but my requirement is to...
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    Crazy Data Aggregation Question

    Hi All, You have helped me out tons in the past with some of my Excel mindbenders and here is another one if anyone can help! I have 100+ worksheets spread across about nine workbooks with data that needs aggregated together. Each workbook has identical fields between its own worksheets, but...
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    Query trouble, Redundant data with table joins and date selects

    (Access 2007) I have three tables in a database: tblClients, tblOfficeVisits and tblData tblClients has a primary key CaseID. This is joined (inner, 1-Many) to CaseID in tblOfficeVisits which contains only three fields (CaseID, VisitNumber and VisitDate). The purpose is to list every time a...
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    Joining Tables on External Data Source with Pivot Tables

    Hi...I am trying to query data from 4 different tables. I originally tried the code below but it did not work: Sub SQLQuery1() Uname = sheetMain.txtUNAME Pword = sheetMain.txtPWORD DBASE = "ZET" Sheets("Bill Determinant").Activate Range("A3").Select SQL1 = "BD.CALC_LEVEL...

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