1. K

    Need help to copy a call value in all rows of a dynamic sized table

    Hello, I started learning VBA yesterday,.. please bear with me if this is v basic,.... I have a set of data in a worksheet that will vary in size. i would like to copy the value in cell P2 (10.10.2019) down to the bottom of the column,.. which is currently 4000 rows long. <tbody> Column P...
  2. C

    Add month formula but without day or year

    So I have a spreadsheet that I have a drop down for the month of the data, when I change this month then I want the cell in my next table to increase y 1 month. In other words if I select June on B2 then I want K2 to change to July. I have tried a few different formulas but I am failing. Here...
  3. S

    Copy/Paste Macros Slowed Way Down Starting in June 2019

    Through the years, Excel macros have run slower and workarounds to speed them up have appeared on this site (screenupdating, visible, calculation properties) but I have seen nothing to date on this recent (for me) situation. Starting June of 2019 the macros I run doing copy/pastes slowed way...
  4. S

    create new tab taking data from one column

    Hi I have a spreadsheet which has many tabs at the bottom for different companies. Sheet1 is the master where all info is recorded on a daily basis, I run the macro and it copies the data to the relevant company tab, all that is ok. Now I have been asked that a new page is created with just the...
  5. C

    SumIf - Criteria in Column A but SUM Column F

    A B C D E Date Expense Vendor Description Amount 6/6/19 Hotel...
  6. R

    SUMIF based upon worksheet name?

    Hoping some of you can help. Say I have the following for example: Month: July Total 1 Bob 2 Jim 3 Josh 4 John Worksheet Names: July, June, May, April, etc. On each worksheet, say I have the order of names with the number codes next to them. How do I sumif based upon the...
  7. D

    Capturing data from 3 tabs

    I need assistance writing a formula that will capture data from 3 tabs sheet1,sheet2,sheet3. On each of these tabs I need to account only for data that is in the month of June which is in column C and where column F has a Y response and then divide all 3 of those by the total number of entries...
  8. N

    Convert Bank Statement to Excel

    How can I split this into columns This is the columns I would like please Date of transaction Date entered Description Amount £ 13 JUNE 14 JUNE PAYPAL *AQUACADABRA 35314369001 39.90 13 JUNE 14 JUNE IDEN PARK SERVICE TONBRIDGE 4.19 15 JUNE 17 JUNE WWW.PARKMOBILE.COM INTERNET 3.40 17 JUNE 18...
  9. B

    Power Query - How to reference a column position in a formula

    Hi guys Just as a simplified example I have the following data Column A Col B Col C Product May June Item1 5 2 Item 2 8 3 I would like to create new column names "Change" calculated...
  10. K

    Filtering Summed Values

    <tbody> Date Name Amount June 1 Bob 5 June 1 Bob 6 June 1 Doug 5 June 2 Bob 5 June 2 Doug 7 June 2 Doug 4 June 3 Bob 5 June 3 Bob 3 June 3 Doug 8 June 3 Doug 4 </tbody> I'd like to pivot the above data with Names in the rows, Dates in the...
  11. H

    Formula needed to track the number of times each customer picked up 4 or more parcels on the preferred pick up day within a given time frame

    Hi Everyone, We have a daily log of the number of parcels picked up by our customers. The number of parcels to be picked up ranges from 0 to a maximum of 5 per day. Customers are each assigned a pick-up day (Column C) if they are picking up 4 or more parcels. Row 1 shows the date the parcels...
  12. N


    Hello, I am wondering how to enter the month and date on a new spread sheet that excludes sat and sun but adds tues and thur twice on the spead sheet. Can someone assst? It should look like this <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Monday, June 3, 2019 Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Tuesday, June 4...
  13. S

    Post NOW() in column that has header of todays month

    In Row/Column B5:b16 I have months, Apr, May, June, July, August...... etc What I need is when my VBA Code is run, for whatever row I am in (say row D) , I want it to look at the correct column header for that month (so today is June) and then place a timestamp Many thanks
  14. S

    Count ifs formula

    Hello, What formula can i use to count the number of individuals joining by month and year in column E. I've tried the formula below however get a value of Zero =COUNTIFS($Q$16:$Q$4007,MONTH(6),$S$16:$S$4007,YEAR(2019)) <tbody> a b c d e 1 6 2019 john June 2 6 2019 jacob May 3 5...
  15. P

    Match data by month

    Hi to all of you, kindly require to provide me support for a VBA code so that, to match debtor’s amounts based on months. Therefore that the months have a stable row “C4” : “O4” including “Total” column and also the data have stable range “A3500” : “O3595”. The adjusted data I would like to...
  16. A

    delete rows in source workbook if they exist in another workbook

    Hi all, I am working on a little procedure to import data from one file into my Source workbook. Currently works fine although possibly long winded. A new requirement was added this morning to remove rows in the source workbook where they exist in the new workbook prior to importing them. The...
  17. S

    Formula to count dates in column C where there are specific values in same row on column A&B only

    Hi, I hope someone can help me; I’m tearing my hair out trying to get this to work. I am trying to put together a table to measure progress made by a number of individuals to completing their tasks for a given month. In this summary table I will need to count the number on nonblack cells in a...
  18. I

    sparkline refresh

    Hi guys i have the data below <tbody> name jan feb march april may jun jack 10 15 17 17 </tbody> I have created a sparkline based on this, I dont have the data for may and june as of yet. Can i set this sparkline up so it automatically updates when may and jun data comes? at the...
  19. O

    Hide/Unhide Excel File/s.

    Hey all, I have a stock management .xlsm files for each month of the year 2019 These are named as follows in the folder named = Stock Share 01. January, 2019 02. February, 2019 03. March, 2019 04. April, 2019 05. May, 2019 06. June, 2019 07. July, 2019 08. August, 2019 09. September, 2019 10...
  20. J

    How many times each month appears between dates

    Hello; I need a function (or 12) that tells me for each month how many times it appears between two dates. So let's say I have the dates 1.1.2019 and 31.7.2020. The output should be: January 2 February 2 March 2 April 2 May 2 June: 2 July: 2 August: 1 September: 1 October: 1 November : 1...

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