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    Conditional Format

    Hi, I was trying to apply conditional format for A2. That is if the value of A2 repeats in either Column D or Column H or Column L, A2 should be highlighted.
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    GoTo cell..

    Hi, I have a Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal target As Range) macro which does something when value changes in a particular cell.. But when user input any value they may press right arrow or down arrow.. Is there a way to go back to cell in which value was entered recently? as I need to...
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    Hi, I was trying to do something like.. if a value changes (S20) either by macro/formula/user entry, timer should start and should show each second till another entry is made in S20..
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    Dynamic drive selection to update link

    I have the below code live.. but can I have a code that search in drive F, G, H if this path does not exist? That is it should search in "F:\Primary\Master-May.xls", _ "G:\Primary\Master-May.xls", _ "H:\Primary\Master-May.xls", _ Sub ref() ActiveWorkbook.UpdateLink Name:= _...
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    Variable Symbol

    Hi, How to make + symbol variable in the below formula? This formula is in G25 and symbol is in F25 has + & - symbols =(NOW()-E$592)+E614
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    Check for a word

    I was try on a formula something like, if 1 of the words in b10=d10 then it should give output as 1 in E10
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    Date difference Average

    I have 2 column as below and I want to calculate the average number of days ABC occurs.. In this case it should be 3.33 Col A Col B 01-Apr ABC 01-Apr DBA 01-Apr ABC 03-Apr GRT 05-Apr HTA 05-Apr JYU 08-Apr ABC 08-Apr GRT 08-Apr HTA 10-Apr JYU 11-Apr ABC
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    indirect-formula error

    Hi, =SUMPRODUCT((Hiren!B4:B1000=B10)*(Hiren!C4:C1000=C10)*(Hiren!I4:I1000=L1)*Hiren!G4:G1000) I'm trying above formula with indirect as below but I'm not getting result from below formula.. Where am I going wrong...
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    Lock range if date < today

    Hi I need to lock cells in protected and shared workbook if cell value in colA is 2 days less than today Eg. if A5=today()-2 then it should lock range A5:I5
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    code error if file is shared

    Hi, I have the below code but when I share workbook it does't work.. any help pls Sub UnP() Dim wks As Worksheet Dim strPassword strPassword = InputBox("Enter the password", "Password") ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:=strPassword Range("A4:I1000").Select Selection.Locked = False...
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    On error

    Hi Have have below code, but even if there are no errors its displaying err: Sub ref() On Error GoTo err Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="htc" ActiveWorkbook.UpdateLink Name:= _ "C:\Documents and Settings\OpsTL1\My...
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    Read only access for hidden sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook with several sheets for different users (shared) with different passwords for each sheet I have all these sheets hidden and hyperlink to each sheet on a opening sheet. I need to give users, read only access to other's sheet (which will open on demand with the help...
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    Computer lock time

    Hi, is there a way that excel can detect for what duration computer was locked?
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    Lock cell if based on value of corresponding cell

    Hi, I was tring to lock cell if value of corresponding cell is error If value B3:B20 is error lock corresponding cells in ColumnE, F & H OR unlock cell if value of corresponding cell is >0 If value B3:B20 is >0 unlock corresponding cells in ColumnE, F & H
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    Lookup 2 vertical and 1 horizontal

    Hi, I have data's(All text) from Column A to Column G and I need a formula which lookup ColA, ColB, Row1 and gives output ColA ColB ColC ColD ColE ColF ColG Scenario Op NC FO FI CP Past What is.. ABC kjha ert sd fgh fg What is.. XYZ qwer ert df fgh aw What is.. MNO er rt ter er What...

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