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    Exce VBA Code for Copy and Pasting Mutiple Rows and then modifing values in Cells keeping formual in place

    Hi I have a spreadsheet which contains mutiple different rows I want to duplicate all the rows multiple times using a value in the duplicate colum The Kick Off Date contains the formula =DATE(YEAR(G2),MONTH(G2),DAY(G2)+F2) and End Date contain the formula =DATE(YEAR(C2),MONTH(C2),DAY(C2)+D2)...
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    Creating a SUMIF function for changeable data

    Hi all, I wonder if you can help please? I'm currently trying to create an SUMIFS function across static data in various columns, however the function will kick out next month as one of the columns is likely to change. Currently I have the below =SUMIFS(F:F,D:D,"PAY",E:E,"EUR",B:B,"Company")...
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    Can a Function kick off a sub routine or write to other cells?

    Don't think it can kick off a subroutine but is it possible for the function to write to other offet cells, i.e. I put =someFunction(22) in A1 would that function be able to write data to A2 as well?
  4. S

    using numbers from cells in formula

    HI Ok, so lets say i use =COUNTA('MY SELECTIONS'!A1:A100)-1 no problem but lets say the 1 was in cell z1 and the 100 was in cell z2. can it be done and if so how, im goint to kick myself its easy. thanks for looking Dave
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    file locked for editing , can I kick the other user out if its my file?

    file locked for editing , can I kick the other user out if its my file? I have made an excel file where other people have to go in and update it. This process takes 2 secs but some people forget and stay in it over lunch etc causing a great annoyance. Is there anyway I can "kick" them out my...

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