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    Find item x in a list VBA

    Hi I want to control a filter in a pivot table with some VBA. The data is a date but displayed in the following format yyyymmdd and is represented as a number. The pivot data looks roughly like <tbody> Date Data 20140201 1 20140201 2 20140201 3 20140202 2 20140202 4 20140202...
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    Change Label Filter for Every Pivot Table

    I would like to be able to change the label filters for every pivot table in a workbook to the values in specific cell references. The label is a date range between yrmo1 and and yrmo2. I need some sort of VBA looping routine. Basically, I want to just change the cell values once, hit a...
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    Pivot Tables - Label Filters 'greyed out'

    I constructed a simple pivot table on sperate sheet based on info on another sheet. One problem I ma having is the 'Label Filter' is greyed out. Does this have something to do with the fact that some rows on my data sheet are hidden? As well how can I unhide these hiddne rows, since...
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    Label Filters, Pivot Tables & Formulas

    I have created a pivot table from cube data in Excel 2007 that shows revenue by company for 2007 and 2008. I have the Year as my columns and wanted to create a label filter using a formula so that it grabs YTD information: i.e. Full Date is between '2007-01-01' and '2007-11-19' However, I...

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