1. D

    Speak XML dictionary

    Good day this use to Translate Languages CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") how to be used for Speak language Tanks
  2. D

    Language Support

    Translator Spread sheet is not support Arabic Language 1-From Ar to Eng not OK 2-from En to Ar Ok Help PLS See Link Below THX
  3. C

    Nested ifs resulting in Value error

    Hi all, For some reason my code works only for the first IF statement(k14). When I enter location to K15:k17, it returns Value error. Could it be something with my brackets? Thank you. =IF('landing page'!$K$17="",IF('landing page'!$K$16="",IF('landing page'!$K$15="",IF('landing...
  4. G

    Data Mining Software for use with excel

    I am trying to get data from a website into excel. I have been on Wikipedia and a number of software has been recommended. I am using a MacBook Pro. My question is simple which piece of software is best for use with excel? SoftwareSee also: Category:Data mining and machine learning software...
  5. gino59

    Use list of language IDs in TEXT formula?

    Hi all, I'm trying to provide the ability for a user to select a language from a drop-down cell and have a different cell value change accordingly. This formula works: =TEXT(A1,"[$-406]dddd") and turns Thursday into Torsdag (Danish) very nicely. What I'd like to do is have the [$-406] part of...
  6. MrIfOnly

    MS May Be Adding Python As Official Scripting Language For Excel

    Article: Thoughts? Feelings?
  7. X

    Macro adding language codes to the names of packages

    Hello, I need a macro, which would go inside every zip package, remember the name of language folder inside and add that name to the beginning of package's name. Example: I have many packages in location: c:\Desktop\packages\ The packages' actual names look like this...
  8. S

    Translate words or phrases / texts

    Good morning. I would like to translate words or phrases / texts as it is possible to do with the google translator by setting the basic language (column a) and the languages to use for translation (column b) by entering the words or phrases (base language) in the cells from cell c1...
  9. X

    Set Excel language for one workbook

    Hello, I was trying to change the language for my Excel workbook and encountered a problem. If I just change the language from Dutch to English in the settings menu I have to choose to make it the default language, but is there a way to just change it for that particular workbook? If I choose...
  10. D

    change the language at startup Commsell Console

    Hello, how can i change the language on the comsell console ? now it starts with german language and i would prefer the comsell console with english language. on which part must i make the settings? I have watched some language startup videos also I'll use the simpana 9 with SP14. best...
  11. F

    Restore sheet (Name) from another language to English?

    Is it possible to restore sheets' VBA names that were created in another language to English (Sheet) again? For example sheets created in German would read "Tabelle" instead of "Sheet" in VBA. I am talking about this mess right here: Can all sheets be simply reset and be renamed to Sheet1...
  12. A

    Enable Trust Access to VBA Object Model through SendKeys Excel Spanish version

    Hi, I am working on excel file that enabled VBA Object Model Through SendKeys for all English language users, SendKeys are not working for Users with Office Spanish version. I am hoping if anyone help in translating SendKeys to spanish version? I have placed my code snippets below. Public...
  13. HawaiianShirts

    Format Cells - Date - Defalt "Locale" Selection Changes

    The Format Cells "Date" settings are behaving... strangely. I regularly pull in data from a reporting system via csv files. The source formatting is always the same, but Excel seems to be seeing something that I am not. When I copy the csv data from the source file to the .xlsx spreadsheet, I...
  14. bernatbosch

    how to change the language interface on all the open workbooks of an excel project?

    Hi there! I'm thinking on what would be the best (more efficient) way to allow users to change the language interface on all the open workbooks of an excel project. I have to use Excel for Mac 2011. Another sub-question is: what if in some cases I need to allow the user build himself a...
  15. J

    how to view chinese/japanese characters in excel?

    I am using excel for mac 2011 and have already changed the settings in the mac excel 2011 language register settings to allow Chinese Simplified and Japanese languages but when i open an excel/csv file with chinese/Japanese characters it shows weird characters. It looks like this...
  16. CsJHUN

    Importing text with VBA and problems with language settings

    Hi guys, I'm importing text data separated with ";" . The numbers decimal sign is "," in the CSV, so 14,000 = 14 I have 2 file if im import (drag and drop) into first its works like charm, if i drop into other its give wrong numbers 14,000 = 14000. Does anyone know any solution? The first...
  17. R

    Change language with VBA for SAY IT function in Excel

    Hi All I developped a little program to learn vocabulary (German to French and vice versa) I use also the SAY IT function which says the words. I work with an English Excel 2013 Version therefore SAY IT pronounce all German or French word with an English accent, which is of course useless. How...
  18. Z

    Dynamic Custom Column in Power Query "M"

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a dynamic tool that references end user input in the query and performs operations on the source data. Right now I have a table on a spread sheet where a user can provide input which is then called in the query to create a custom column. The inputs correspond to...
  19. A

    How do I know the language my system is using?

    Hello guys, I am writting a code for which I use numbers with decimal and thousand separators. I am facing a problem on the comma Vs dot criteria for different regional settings. If I could use the system language as a variable this problem would be solved as I could manipulate the user input...
  20. E

    Language Selector functionality for Excel

    Hello, I am stuck in a jam, being an Excel novice! I have a form (in excel format) complete with drop downs. I need to be able to add a drop down, that lets users select between different languages. The entire spreadsheet (including the values within the drop downs) needs to change to reflect...

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