1. A

    Currency formatting problems with different languages

    I have w7 installed in English with Spanish keyboard setting. I need this as I operate in both languages. MS Office 2010 is installed in English. When I right click on a cell to format the currency in € my problems start. If I want the number to be to 2 decimal places written as 25,00 € (this...
  2. L

    Good practices for internationalization?

    Hi everyone I am working on an excel tool which will support German and French users. I want to avoid having to set up all the sheets in two language versions, so I'm looking for good practices to switch languages by other means. For example, I could imagine having a sheet with all static cell...
  3. H

    HELP!!??? Language Translations built into Excel

    Hi there, I am COMPLETELY new to this board, and still a noob on most features in excel.. I came across this document: EASC_audit_Questionnaire.xls and would like to know if anyone can help me with understanding the "LANGUAGE" macro function in it. You will see there is a language selection...
  4. W

    Scrollbar Position

    Hi, On a User Form I have a Combo-box filled with names. The Userform can either be used in English (names are left-aligned, scrollbar at right) or in Hebrew (names are right aligned, scrollbar on the left side). The user can select the language by means of option buttons. In Excel 2003 all...
  5. twinetwstr

    Old Excel 4 Macro list

    After the Dueling Excel podcast Friday, I have been looking for a reference to the old Version 4.0 macros. Microsoft has one, but you have to have Excel 2000 loaded, 2003 won't take it. Any ideas?
  6. A

    VBA and Polish, English Troubles.

    We have a Macro written in Polish that provides a response in Polish text. However, even with the Polish language pack installed and all available defaults set to Polish, the Macro provides the response using English characters. We can use the entire range of Polish characters on the machine...
  7. C

    Problems Creating a Chinese Corpus (Can I SEARCH() a Range?)

    Hello all. I dig a lot of these problem/solution things, but did not see one that matched my search criteria, and so am turning to experts for some advice. To start, I'm only moderately skilled with Excel, and I work primarily with the logical, not mathematical functions. That being said, I'd...

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