large amount of rows

  1. B

    File size cap when saving to csv?

    I am seeing really, really strange behavior right now. Would appreciate any and all thoughts. I created an excel file with 2500 columns and 100,000 rows and saved it as a csv to practice loading large csv files into Python using Pandas. I was able to load the 100,000 row file with pandas...
  2. P

    Can I Summarise Dataset with VBA?

    Hi, I have a large dataset of two columns. The first column is a count 1,2,3,4 etc and the second has a range of variable integers. There are hundreds of thousands of data entries in my complete dataset. Please can I get advise as to whether it is possible to summarise this dataset with VBA...
  3. R

    Large Excel xls Import to Access

    I am trying to import a 14 tab Excel xls document into Access and it is taking over two hours. Each tab has the same type data and only the first tab has headers, there are 15 columns and the Excel document is 253kb. I need help to get the time to import dramatically reduced. Any suggestions...
  4. B

    Comparing Two Contents Of Two Lists

    Hello - I applied a conditional formula =SUMPRODUCT(--ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Fortune_List,B2)))>0 to my list and I believe it worked. However, my first list has 45000 rows in it so I can filter by color to check and make alterations to the list. ? How can I filter by color, 45,000 rows? Thank you
  5. A

    Excel Matching Function for distinct values related to particular rows/columns.

    Hi Guys Having a problem with the Index matching function on excel. I'm using a SMALL IF function to pull the smallest 10 figures from one sheet to another and then using index matching to take these figures and pull a particular code associated to that figure from the sheet (The code and the...
  6. F

    Extract Data in .xls File

    Hi all, I have data that has been saved as an .xls file that exceeds the row limits of .xls. I can tell that the data is there because when I run a PivotTable the count adds to well over the 65,536 limit but in the displayed spreadsheet the highest row is obviously 65,536. I've tried to save...
  7. M

    Countif Not Calculating Properly

    Hello, I have a data set that is very large (180k rows). I am using a countif function to see which ID#s are showing up twice. I do not want these removed, as I still need them in the data. However, when I use the countif function, it does not show multiple counts for ID#s that I know are...
  8. R

    Help speed up code loop

    I have some code that looks through 10032 entries with 10020 entries so a double loop It was taking about 1 minute and 45 seconds Now for some reason it takes just under 4 minutes Is there a better/Faster way Sub FindDifference() Dim varSheetA As Variant Dim varSheetB As Variant Dim...
  9. M

    Transform Rows to columns

    Hi! Please help me with my thesis research. I have downloaded huge data set to analyse. For the first step, I want to transform the data. I want dates to be in the rows, and company names to be in the columns. Currently it is like this; Name Date Price Company A...
  10. RyanTG

    Loop Stops Early

    Hi everyone :) Spent hours trying to figure out why this loop stops early (Row 48,577). I tried many solutions from the forum with no success. Here is the simple table I am using to copy/paste data: Excel...
  11. A

    Excel Crashes when I try to run VBA marco

    So I'm new to VBA and am having problems with this one marco. I have written it in two different ways to get it to work and I cant. Both the codes work but just take about 10 mins and sometimes it crashes. I am trying to identify the last time an item was moved in our inventory by using the...
  12. P

    transpose 250K rows then AutoFill 250K/3 rows bogs down excel

    Hi There I appreciate your insight on this. Problem starts at step 1. Then 2. …so on, excerpts below. Is a pivot table more efficient than transpose? What about the rest of the code? It keeps getting slower and never finishes in 1 hr. Task manager shows excel pegged at 13% cpu and 3.25GB...
  13. E

    Help with sorting through data using parameters - Tucking company project

    I am currently working on a project using data for a trucking company that ships nationally. We are trying to figure how much a new toll bridge being implemented would have cost us last year. In each shipment load there are multiple movements that results in multiple toll bridge crossings, even...
  14. A

    Macro for Hiding Large Amount of Rows (2000+) based on cell value

    Hello All, I’ve tried numerous approaches to this problem and the macro still works far too slowly. I am trying to develop a macro that takes the range A16:A2015 and hides the row if the cell value=1 and leaves it if the cell value=0. Ive tried the following: Sub test() Dim Last_Row As Long...

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