large column data

  1. R

    First Post: Listing variables in a Column

    Hey All, new to MrExcel so please be kind, I fear my question may be viewed as simple by some. I have a datasheet with 6000+ entries. One column has lists of companies, of which there are around 300 and their are entered into this column multiple times. I organized and identified the largest...
  2. A

    working with Large Non Contiguous Data

    Hello Everyone, Im pretty desperate. I've got a column with around 9000 rows of data and I need to average non-contiguous rows. So I need to average row 1,4,7,10 (every 3rd row or so), and I have no idea how to do it. I just found out that we can use VBA to do this, but I havent figured out a...
  3. C

    Opening data sets in excel that are too large for excel

    Hey Guys!!:) I've got a dataset that is too large for excel, (a few million rows when the limit is 1048576) To overcome this I've been copy and pasting within this limit which is time consuming, is there any way to automatically paste excess data into the next column? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. T

    Finding Text

    So I have a log at work for orders from people in the office that is the format: "Person Who Placed Order"-"Person Ordered For" The account number in the next cell is represented only for the "Person Ordered For" and should correspond to their name. Since there are a large number of orders, it...
  5. PirateJenny

    Large volume text

    I am a research assistant extracting data from Word documents and copying it to an Excel sheet. Some of the data is lengthy and (for the purposes of the research) cannot be broken into multiple cells. At a certain row height (242.25) or character volume the text will no longer wrap. I have...
  6. H

    Hide columns randomly using macro !!

    Hi, I am stuck up in following condition using macro... I have large data in worksheet having 200 Columns and 60 rows in "sheet1". Concept is - User inputs some number where that number's column only be visible and rest 199 columns and their data will be invisible. ( Eg - number entered 2...

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