large data file

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    Excel Freezing on doing any Action

    Hello All I have a very large excel file with 7 million records and 45 MB in size and on doing any action like deleting column, my excel is freezing and it takes a long time to complete that action. Is there any way to make these actions on excel quicker. Thanks in Advance.
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    Published Webpage Suddenly very large

    Good Day I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs. 3 of the tabs are created as dashboards and saved as a web page with the option to auto republish every time I save it. A week ago I added some new info on one of the dashboards. Ever since I did that the size of the dashboard is so big that...
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    How to handle large data sets (180 MB file)

    Hey guys our company uses MS Office 2010. We have a 180 MB excel file that imports all our sales data from our ERP via MS query, as well as links to other external Excel spreadsheets to gather company data It constantly crashes despite rebooting multiple times and gives error messages such as...

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