last cell in range

  1. L

    search last number in row greater than

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with figuring out a formula to check if the last value in a row is greater than the first value in the same row then yes else no. There are only 4 cells in the row and they may have blanks. If the first cell is 2 and the next is 3 but the next is 2, then...
  2. A

    Loop Through All Files, Manipulate and Copy Data to Summary Workbook with VBA

    Hi all, I am working on something to help me analyze a bunch of queries in an Access database. To motivate this I exported all the queries to .csv in a particular folder. I want the output to be in a format so that I can filter on the query and pull up the associated SQL statements for quick...
  3. N

    Reference all numerical values in a column EXCEPT for last value

    I have a sheet with a counter in column D and associated times in column E as numerical milliseconds (ex. 72996 or 72.9 seconds). I am trying to figure out a way to sum the values above a certain limit (900,000) on all rows with a time with the exception of the last row which always provides bad...
  4. J

    how to fill formula till lastrow?

    Dim sht As Worksheet Set sht = Sheets("REX") LastRow = sht.Range("A75").Rows.Count Range("F75").Value = "543" Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("F75:F" & LastRow) I am trying to put value starting F75 to last row of F, but It's not working. Is there any way to fix this code to work?
  5. J

    selection cell phaste formula till last row

    Range("D2").Select Lastrow1 = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Selection.End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select Selection.Formula = "=0000" Hi guys, I am trying to putting value on below last row of D column and would like to extend value till last row of the column. Usually column C...
  6. M

    Edit Macro to last active cell in column

    Hello, Below is part of a macro that I have been working on to automate a task for myself and others in my position. The issue with this current macro is that when I use the macro it only goes to a certain cell in the column. The reason why it does this is when I recorded the Macro that...
  7. S

    Last cell in a row and the one before

    Hi I have a function that return the last non-blank cell in row: =LOOKUP(2,1/(A2:BD2<>""),A2:BD2) I want now to return the 3 cells before it :confused: so at the end I have return the 4 last non-blank cells in the row! Any one could help?
  8. M

    Select the used column range when in a Case Clause

    Okay I am having a bit of a creativity/brain freeze issue here :stickouttounge: and cannot come up with a simple solution to really capture the used range on a column. At the moment I am selecting up to the next blank cell and I need to capture the used range. I simply want to change the format...
  9. W

    Adding userform textbox to last row + 1 of named range

    Hi all, Being new to VBA I have spent the last few days trying to name 43 columns of my spreadsheet as ranges then adding data to the lastrow. I nearly posted yesterday looking for the entire code, but with a fresh head today I decided to have another stab, utilising a "Teach VBA App" on the...
  10. L

    Excel 2010 Copy last cells in each range and paste into another worksheet

    Good afternoon, Instead of using the “generic” 198 in the ranges below, is there code to specifically select the last cell, or cells, in the ranges and set those values to the various ranges below on the separate worksheet?? Any support is greatly appreciated! propWb.Sheets("Slate...
  11. R

    VBA - Determine first and last row in range in order to calculate correlation

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Excel 2010 on windows 7. My issue is I have a sheet filled with data that has random separations (empty rows) for which I need to calculate correlations of the data in between the empty rows. For example I have data filling the range of D6:AA657 but with empty rows...
  12. S

    Some Help with Selecting last cell in range not equal to nothing

    Hi there, Hoping someone would be kind enough to let me know how to write the below in vba. Select cell A1 Select down to the last row in Column A where its cell value <> "" (so basically the last non blank cell) Then select right to column F. I have tried using the Shift +CTRL +Down...

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