late binding

  1. R

    Late Binding: extract Access to Excel with formatting

    Hi all Situation: I'm extracting an Access query to Excel with VBA. In this excel, I let VBA do a few things like formatting the cells. I made the code work and the sheet looks good, but I'm not sure if it's all versions proove. For my code I have put a check in the references at 'Microsoft...
  2. D

    Diffuculties with compatibility

    Hi, i am having some problems with a project im working on. For me the project is working fine. But when I send it to a colleauge it wont work for him, he is using an older version of excel. Im pretty sure the problem is that im using microsoft 16.0 Object library and he is using the old 15.0...
  3. T


    I maintain spreadsheets at work that have a number of macros in them, and it's almost time to upgrade the Excel that everyone uses from 2013 to 2016. For most of the macros, the change matters not at all, but two of the macros interact with other programs, and (of course) they use early...
  4. N

    Late Binding a Public Dictionary object does NOT work

    I found below code to VLookup with cell format, it works only when you add "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" library to the workbook's VBA Project (via. Tools > Add > References) However, to remove the need to add above library, I modified a part of the first code as below, but It Does Not Work...
  5. S

    how to change code to late binding

    hi folks, I tried to change code to late binding but messed it up at all. I am very beginner, so I ask you. Can somebody help ? I need it because code runs betweeen different stations with different office versions... can you help ? thanks '-------------------------------------------------...
  6. L

    How to Change my code to late binding?

    Sub CommentsEmail() Dim template As Workbook Dim dashboard As Worksheet Dim comments As Worksheet Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim mymail As Outlook.mailItem Dim objSel As Word.Selection Dim commentsrange As Range Dim branch As String Dim Sendto...
  7. A

    Linked Import Table and associated Excel Macro not Choosing Correct Files to bring in to Access

    Hi all, I have a form that chooses files on a network based on the day they were delivered. Form_Load() for frmImport uses if-elseif-else statement to calculate which day each file should look back to. Most look back to the previous business day, but three look two days back. In this database...
  8. R

    Convert early binding to Late binding for code that creates outlook event from excel in VBA

    Hello I have this code that works perfectly fine until I open it on a different computer so I need to convert this code to Late Binding so that any version of office would still run the code without the references added in. The code is to make appointments in outlook's calendar based on...
  9. A

    worksheet.cell.text method throws error 438

    Hello All, I am trying to use late binding in creating a worksheet and then passing the values from the opened workbook but i get "error 438 : object doesn't support this method or property" in this line Public Sub CompareHeader(shtsExcelNew As Object, shtsExcelDiff As Object) dim strDSAbnBl...
  10. S

    Late Binding - exporting data from excel to Access

    HI everyone, My code is below. I want to have a button that will allow someone to add a record to access without having to open up the VBA editor to select the reference library. Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()MsgBox ("MAKE SURE THE ENTIRE INPUT TAB IS CORRECT") Application.ScreenUpdating...
  11. S

    Early Binding - Sending a record from Excel to an access database

    My VBA is working great my record is recorded correctly in access when I run the macro, my only issue is that every time I open a new workbook I have to reactivate the VBA Reference library : "Microsoft Office 15.0 Access database engine Object" I will be having other co-workers (not-VBA users)...
  12. B

    Excel range to HTML for Outlook message body

    Good Day All! Mr. de Bruin has outstanding examples from which I have learned much. Unfortunately I have hit a roadblock in my attempts to convert a range to html and send it. For some unknown reason the range gets truncated horizontally (not at all vertically) as if a line is drawn down the...
  13. B

    Copy Range from excel and paste range in Powerpoint Late Binding

    Hello I'm jusing late binding to copy from excel to powerpoint. I can easily copy and paste as shape ... but I'd like to paste as range, it's text and numbers I have. If I paste as shape the background are pasted as well, I do not like that ... Below is the code I use ... It's the line...
  14. B

    Word WaterMark using Excel VBA - Runtime Error 438

    Hello all, I have a project where I am exporting an excel table to word and trying to add a watermark. The loop is as follows, Create folder, create word doc, add table to word doc, save, add watermark, save, close, loop. Everything is working except for the watermark. When I put the watermark...
  15. J

    Late Binding

    Does anyone know how to change the below code to late binding as to not have to have a user enable the Outlook object library reference? Sub Download_Outlook_Mail_To_Excel3() 'Add Tools->References->"Microsoft Outlook nn.n Object Library" 'nn.n varies as per our Outlook Installation...
  16. T

    Excel VBA: Late Binding Reference

    I'm trying to write some code for an add-in in excel, which grabs some data from an SQL Server. The code itself is working flawlessly, but somehow something got corrupted. It seems that the code will work fine a few times and then all of a sudden trigger an excel-crash. After a long time I've...
  17. R

    Would like to use a pop up calendar in widely distributed workbook

    I have a commonly distributed scheduling workbook that i would like to add in a pop up calendar to a date field. I have no problems adding this with proper functionality to my machines, however as soon as it is sent to a customers, they run into errors due to missing reference libraries. How can...
  18. D

    Paste multiple charts: converting from early binding to late binding to avoid run time 462 error

    Hello, I am using Excel 2010 on Windows 7 I am trying to do some excel to powerpoint automation. The excel workbook consists of a number (say 100) of spreadsheets which generate 100 charts (each chart corresponding to a range of 1 and 1 only speadsheet; each chart on a separate worksheet...
  19. M

    VBA problem calling MS Word

    Hi I am having a problem that is driving me nuts. I have not worked a lot with binding to other apps but I have searched and searched and tried different suggestions/variants to no avail, would GREATLY appreciate any help. I tested the following code natively (without the added binding) in MS...
  20. MarkCBB

    Change to late binding and end MS PP

    Hi there VBA pros, I have received pieces of this code from a few places, including, and I have been able to thus far edit and adapted it to what I need. However there are a few things I have not been able to figure out. first, I want to change the code to late binding as it will...

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