1. R

    Calculating time

    Hello, I have been racking my head on how to solve my time issue on my train sheet. I have a train time sheet to show if a train is on time or late Ex; if a train is set and ready to go at 01:30 and the crew is ordered at 03:30 i can show it to say 2:00 on time between these two times. but...
  2. R

    Nested IF (I think) help needed

    I have a spreadsheet with a list of loans. Sometimes a loan has a late payment. I want to calculate the number of months that a loan interest payment is late if it's not yet reached maturity, or the number of months interest was unpaid if the maturity date has already passed. And, if there's...
  3. R

    IF with 2 conditions and 3 possible answers

    I have a spreadsheet with a list of loans. I want to calculate the number of months that a loan interest payment is late if it's not yet reached maturity, or the number of months interest was unpaid if the maturity date has already passed. And, if there's nothing late, then leave the cell...
  4. B

    What is early binding and late binding

    Hi I am new to these concepts. Not requesting for exact answers. You may also help me with useful links for these two. I know Google will help, but trying to seek help from experts here. Also, I have another question here. Not sure if I can merge it here only. How does early binding or late...
  5. F

    conditional date comparison columns a or b

    So i have to compare a list of dates to see if the delivery of materials is late Lets say: in column A i have the Regions estimated delivery in column B i have the expected delivery in column C i have a formula that tells me if X date is before today, making it late The report recently changed...
  6. V

    formaula to derive late comings to office

    Hi, I need a formula which can pop up late if the individual has log in to system beyond 9:40 am, but if the person has left office at 9:00 pm , then he will get grace of 1:30 hour next day i.e he can reach office by 11:00 am next day but if he comes beyond 11:00 then he is late. Date...
  7. B

    VBA Code Conditional Formatting in Project

    Does anyone have a string of code to highlight late tasks in MS Project?
  8. C

    Error in Loading DLL while using late binding (Outlook)

    tl;dr - Converted from early to late binding to email a report using Outlook, now getting "Error in Loading DLL" Good morning! I developed a tool for our production operations that automatically generates an email when a report is run. It was working fine for me using early binding, but then I...
  9. S

    Multiple Condition IF/OR Statement with TEXT

    I am trying to return “Address” if late entry code does NOTcontain “yes” (preferably not case sensitive), OR if the very last column,outsource PO # = 0. If neither of those conditions are met, I would like toreturn “Clear.” I have responses for all based on this formula: =IF(OR(AM51 = 0, C51 <>...
  10. D

    need help with formula to set up a warning after 2 work days

    Please advise. I am pretty green to formulas. I have created a spread sheet for query letters which are considered late after 48 hours. Monday through Fridays are only time counted (if letter sent Friday noon, it would be late Tuesday at 1:00 P.M). my J column is running current date, my E...
  11. S

    COUNTIF and COUNTA formula as a percentage

    Good day Have not posted here in ages but have a small problem In the sheet below there are for example five students who have arrived either "Late" or "On Time" for classes over a period of three days How do I calculate the percentage for each student of being "On Time" for the three days...
  12. M

    Late fee IF 30 days LESS than two different dates

    Good day to you all, I need help. I am trying to create a column for late fees, if either Registration Date (C) or RX received (D) are LESS than 30 days from Camp Start date (I). Basically if we receive either the registration or the Rx less than 30 days from camp session start date I have to...
  13. R

    3D References / Running Tally for an entire workbook

    Hello all. First time poster. I'm trying to create a way to track "Late" and "Absent" occurrences in an Excel workbook that I have already created. These workbooks are for every month, and in each one is a sheet for every day including an extra sheet that shows an overview of the entire month...
  14. W

    Conditional Emailing

    I have a spreadsheet with past due dates for my clients. I have broken them down into 5 categories displayed in one column. 0 = on time , 1= 1-5 days late, 2= 5-10 days late,3= days late, 4= excess of 14 days late. I would like to rum a macro weekly and email a letter to each vendor. I have a...
  15. LaurenHancy

    Counting Coloured Cells with 2 criteria

    Hello All! I am quite stuck and I am sure you lovely lot will be able to solve my mystery! So my aim is to find out which cells with a criteria of "Name" & "Date" are red. When a person is late, the cell which is a time, is colored Red. I have names in cells A, and the date in the header...
  16. M

    Automatically converting to numbers and adding date on Paste + deleting certain dated entries on opening

    Hello! Well, do I have a doozy for you. I've spent the better part of the past 3 days searching forums and manipulating suggested code to answer my own questions, to no avail. I now turn to you great folks for some possible help. I work in admin at a high school. Every morning, I take the...
  17. fedcco

    Property Management Late Fees

    <tbody> <tbody> Month Tenant Name Rental Amount Lease End Date Method of Pmt. Chk. No. Due Date Date Paid Mgmt. Fee Repairs Amt. Late Fee Bal. Due Owner Jan. Feb Mar </tbody> </tbody> I need a...
  18. T

    Pivot Table Help

    I have a Pivot Table with the following: Column Labels: "On Time or Late" (This is a Column that calculates if a job was On Time or Late with those words) Row Labels: "Employee Name" Column and "SOURCE" Column (job category) Values: Count of SOURCE This gives me a table that shows: First...
  19. J

    Costs in sheet 1 to add up as a total in sheet 2. can this be done?

    Hi All, I want the costs in Sheet 1 P15 to P73 that are in line with Committed in the G Column to add up to the total of £1,050,000 in Sheet 2, C 2 under Cost. Can this be done? Many Thanks, Jim <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="7"><col></colgroup><tbody> Sheet 1 G H I J...
  20. J

    formula from sheet 1 to sheet 2

    Hi All, In sheet 1 i have everything sorted but i want to add the COST for everything COMMITTED into Sheet 2. Can anyone please help me. Many Thanks, Jim <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col span="9"></colgroup><tbody> Sheet 1 G H I J K L M N O P Commited Order Status Order Delivery...

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