1. C

    Formula Help

    Hello, I need some help with creating a formula. Basically, I am counting up all the letters in a row (P, F, U, B, S) and then I want to minus from the calculation the count of (L) in the row … however, if L = or > zero, I want the cell to be 0 . my current formula...
  2. LaurenHancy

    ColorCellsBy Colour plus 2 more matcing criteria HELP, SO STUCK!!! :)

    Hi All, Hope you are having a great Tuesday. I desperately need your help. I need to count the number of red cells (data range in colour C2:JC2) per person depending on the the following criteria: Name = Collum A By Month, Jan, Feb etc = Row C1:YC1 (MM/DD/YYYY) "Lates" = Collum B B34 is...

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