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    Best Source for learning Excel VBA

    Hello, I'm really getting into Excel VBA programming and I was wondering what are the best books or video series out there to help me learn the language and get past the basics and into the intermediate and advanced functions.
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    Excel VBA Learning Resource

    Hello Mr Excel Community, Would anybody know the best resource to help learn VBA? Is it a book or website? The macro recorder? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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    Does anyone where to learn VBA for Excel online?

    I discovered this site for Java script: www.codecademy.com its wonderful showing you from scratch Javascript. Is there something similar to learn online VBA for excel with small step-by-step exercises that are also corrected on the go? Thanks. J
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    VBA or Formula Randomization Question

    Hello all so I have a couple questions that relate to the same topic. First I'm trying to create a "test" which pulls information, randomly from a different sheet, populates in the "primary" sheet and then upon completion of the test you can type in the box, anything you want and the scoring...
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    error '1004' at run-time but works while stepping through with debugger?

    I am teaching myself VB using ms Excel 2010. I am trying to search through 7000+ rows of data for certain keywords, and then pasting these rows to another sheet. I have the code to where it works when I step through line by line with F8, but when I actually run the code I get "Run-time error...
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    Learning VBA for excel

    Dear, the place where I am residing in India, there no expert teacher for VBA excel. And it is difficult to learn from book. How can I learn VBA for excel? Is ther any online teacher? or any other way? Can anybody help me?
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    Is there a question and answers product available?

    I am an analyst and I use a little Excel 2003 VBA. It is something I really think I could enjoy and make a full career out of it. I have seen some of the books, and CDs, but I was wondering if there is something like a "questions and answers" product, that I could use off my laptop on the...
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    VBA Macro Certificate

    Can anyone recommend a good place to earn a basic VBA Macro Certificate (preferably in a non-online class setting)? I’m an advanced Excel user who can basically use most functionally of Excel before crossing over into reading/writing in VBA. I’m considered the Excel guru at my company, but...
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    Advice on learning VBA

    I've reached my limits on what I can do in Excel without learning VBA. Any advice on good books or tutorials out there that can teach me the fundamentals? I was thinking about the CDs Bill Jelen offers with over 1400 slides.

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