1. J

    APA Assistance

    Hello incredible people. Below, you will see APA citations for articles I have to read. Journal articles end with a number and a parenthesis but only some have page numbers. Books have state names or abbreviation and the end of the citation. I would like a column to identify it I am citing a...
  2. R

    Struggling to learn Excel VBA

    Hi I know this isn't a unique question but I've been dipping in and out of Excel VBA for over 15 years and not learned much. Most of the role I currently undertake uses Clas modules, collections, dictionaries, arrays etc... It takes me an age to get even the simplest basic tasks done and...
  3. K

    Nested IF x50

    Hi all, Since learning about IF functions, I was successful in writing a nested IF changing 50 values for a different (but similar) 50 values. Is there a better way that you could direct me to research please. Thank you.
  4. I

    Learning to use the VBA Debugger

  5. chris-in-cal

    Improving my skill

    Hello, I joined this forum in 2007. Back around then I took an intermediate excel class and I enjoyed it. My work at that time had me maintaining a couple of spreadsheets. this place was great. I haven't opened a spreadsheet in a decade until earlier this year. Now I'm managing some data on...
  6. P

    How To clear cell if cell another cell has "No.

    Hi hope you can help, I have a cell X2 where you have a dropdown box with yes or no, if no is selected I want this to clear the cell in U2, how do this can you help me please? I am still fairly new to this and still learning.
  7. C

    Learn VBA

    Hi, I want to learn VBA but I do not know where to get an organized / structured learning environment? I have taken few online Excel VBA classes. All of them just taught me to "Record" steps in macro then go from there. To me, that is not helpful. Could anyone suggest books, online classes, or...
  8. P

    % of paid Excel power pivot 2010 measure

    Trying to create a measure in power pivot for percentage of paid amount total a row makes, so far I am doing the following but it does not work. = sum(table1[sum of paid]]) / calculated (sum(table1[sum of paid]), ALL(table1[UserID])) As you can see I am not good at this, but am I anywhere near...
  9. E

    power query vs SQL

    If someone knows SQL, do they need to at all invest in learning power query? Does knowing SQL replacing having to learn power query?
  10. W

    error handling variables

    Hi, Can anyone help with the following? I have some code below that doesn't seem to work. My first question is why? and my second question is- is there a better way of solving this problem as the client seems to alternate between values for 'Forename' eg 'Firstname', 'First name'...
  11. L

    Cells instead of Range - vba

    Hi How you can replace Cells with Range in the following code. I want to use Cells instead (for learning purpose). Thank you. Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).Range("D1:f10").Interior.ColorIndex = 11
  12. G

    Feeling really lost. Anyone up for skyping/chatting?

    Would really like to talk to someone about how to approach a problem. I have tried everything I could think up. I have looked online and even asked friends. I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out and would just like to see if anyone really good with excel might want to talk and...
  13. F

    copy cell if two criteria match

    OK I have a table that looks something like this: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J Surname Forename UPN Type Points Talking when the teachers talking Equipment Homework Disruption to Learning Attitude to Learning Aashir Muhammad DXxxx Talking when the teachers talking 1 DXxxx Equpment...
  14. S

    Learning VBA - where to start?

    Hi all I have been posting on this forum for some time, and would really like to start learning VBA. I read posts and understand bits and pieces, but where is a good place online to start from scratch?
  15. 6

    best reference/guide for learning VBA

    I learned a bit of VBA modifying recorded macroes but I now want to become a real VBA expert (with Excel 2010). What are the best compact / regular / complete guides for learning VBA on the net? I mean something like these: http://www.excel-spreadsheet.com/vba/vba.htm...
  16. G

    Data Mining Software for use with excel

    I am trying to get data from a website into excel. I have been on Wikipedia and a number of software has been recommended. I am using a MacBook Pro. My question is simple which piece of software is best for use with excel? SoftwareSee also: Category:Data mining and machine learning software...
  17. S

    Macos for beginners

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to learning new excel skills in 2018. Can you please help me by telling me what is the best way/place to start learning macros, preferably a detailed tutorial of sorts. I am a kindergartner at Excel Marcos/VBA so I need to learn from...
  18. C

    V Lookup

    Hello all, I am not new to Excel. However, I have trouble creating V Lookup's. What is the best way to go about learning to creating a V Lookup? Ebony
  19. V

    Learning VBA

    Hi guys, I'm currently working & learning to play with VBA and create certain command button and userforms to ease some of the job. So I've been working on this forms and get stuck with "Compile Error: Method or data member not found" The idea is to have 1 command button on the 1st userform...
  20. E


    Can you help me to get link of the best book for learning VBA

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