1. A

    Select Case Problem

    Please consider this userform initialization code. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 'Hide frames F1_WCF.Visible = False F2_WCA.Visible = False F3_WCO.Visible = False F4_CCF.Visible = False F5_CCA.Visible = False F6_CCO.Visible = False F7_PTD.Visible = False...
  2. R

    Userform startup position

    Greetings, I am using the following code to open a number of userforms simultaneously in a cascade layout. The first code (cleanroom zone) runs perfectly and the userforms layout just as I want them to. But the second one (grayroom zone) doesn't. The userforms do not start up in the same...
  3. M

    method 'Intersect' of object '_Application' failed

    Hi Folks, Hope you can help. I have a userform that uses an inkpicture object named "Signature_Pad" to obtain the users signature and place it on an excel sheet. The userform opens when a user selects one of the Named Ranges I have created (4 in total), using Worksheet_SelectionChange. I have...
  4. R

    Images inserted by VBA are displaced

    Hi, I have a file that've working normally for more than 1 year, but now something went wrong, even though I didn't use the file. This file inserts images by VBA in specific locations, but now all the images seems to have moved to the right. I've tried: Me.Pictures.Insert(FullImagePath).Select...
  5. M

    passing a frame name to a subroutine

    I'm trying to create a subroutine (actually two) The first finds the coordinates of the frame and stores the value, then sets the values I need to explode the frame size. Sub displayframe(frm As msforms.Frame) With frm ht = .Height wdth = .Width Tp = .Top lft = .Left...
  6. Z

    VBA to center Label vertically with the center of a userform that is not full screen

    Hello Everyone, Im using Excel 2013 and am trying to center a label in a UserForm, and keep it centered even if the width of the userform changes. I manipulated the example from this thread https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/837057-center-label-userform.html, but with no luck. Any...
  7. P

    Any ideas? UserForm Initialization doing funny things.

    I have a userform that shows or hides different controls based on what is selected from ListBox1. It also adjusts the left and top values of the appropriate controls depending on that selection, just to make everything look good. So upon initialization it sets the left and top values of each...

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