1. T

    Cell to remain blank if value is 0

    Good afternoon. I'm looking for some help with an IF statement. My formula is =sum(k2:k13)/sum(j2:j13). If the result of this is zero I want the cell left blank so it will not produce a div/0 error when I link the cell to another spread sheet. Can you help me please?
  2. R

    Creating Depreciation Formula and having trouble

    So lets imagine I have in cells from left to right a bunch of numbers (let's call them investments). Then below that I have another row showing (also from left to right) 10% of only the previous 10 years (in this case I will want the 10 previous cells from the right to the left of the row...
  3. Z

    Query - Attendance (Dates Top, Month Left)

    Hi All, I'm looking to adjust a query to display days along the top and month down the left column, is this possible please? Tables: Table1 = Months (January-December) & ref (numbers 1-12) Table2 = DayNum (day numbers 1-31) Table3 = Data: Date, code I'd like any code to show the output table...
  4. A

    Extracting a number from a alphanumeric text

    trying to take the middle three numbers out of the following into its own cell. I was able to figure out the left and right but the middle is tricky. A342915 079 671
  5. E

    Basic ? - How to return a single character to the left of the target

    My first post here with thanks in advance for any help. I want to return only the number to the left of - which is separated by a space. This is the desired result: <tbody> Luna Quartz Level 3 - Pool 3 Supreme Matrix Level 1 - Spa 1 </tbody> When I use the formula...
  6. P

    Create Copy of Worksheet and have Cell c2 = tab name of original tab used to create new tab

    I need to create a new tab from the left most tab in workbook and have it placed to the left of the tab I am copying. Then in new tab have cell C2 = the name of the tab I used to create the new tab. A formula would be best but using code will work.
  7. M

    Selecting a range using name box

    So I'm using the Name Box and Defined Named Ranges as an index to jump around to different areas on my worksheet. I have noticed that some of the ranges, when selected via the name box, will put the top left cell of the range at the top left position on the screen (like cell A1 is on a new...
  8. S

    Extract 2 words right and 2 words left from a sentence of a cell

    Hi All, can any one please help me get the below result in excel ? Sentence : <tbody> Again, this company is the best and pioneer on the trend. This is the reason why I will recommend this company. </tbody> From the above sentence, if i find the word company, i need to extract 2 words...
  9. D

    Extracting left most numbers from excel

    Hello All I need to extract the left most numbers in a cell. Here is an example: CELL EXTRACT ASD-12 12 ASD-12-D-123 12 ASD-1-2-3 1 I already have this formula but it extracts all numbers...
  10. L


    Hi A1=left("123-456-7890",3) The result A1 = 123 (but as a text, aligned to the left side of the cell). I changed the format to number, general etc it is still text. I learnt if B1=1 and I copy B1 and Paste Special (multiple) A1 then A1 will be 123 as a number (aligned to the right). I...
  11. S

    Left Function Nested in Array on Vlookup

    I'm trying to do a simple vlookup, but I need the array to contain a left formula to exclude the last two digits. For example, =VLOOKUP(B2,LEFT('[Daily postings (002).xlsx]GL Details Report'!$B$26,9),1,FALSE) but I'm getting a #value !. Thank you,
  12. G

    Weeks remaining of current quarter

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that will tell me the number of weeks left in the current quarter, is anyone able to help me Thank you.
  13. K

    Return text string after the first alphabetical character

    Hi, I have a file that exports out of a system as text, the format of the lines are all slightly different and will show as: | PRJ 001 | -- WBS 002 | ---| WBS 003 |--||| WBS 004 |--|||--WBS 005 I would like to trim everything to the left of the first letter but I am struggling to find a way...
  14. M

    VBA for reverse vlookup from closed workbook

    Hello Sorry for my english. I need help regarding below issue. I need to use vlookup in a closed workbook searching for a value from right to the left. Macro is working from left to the right but I need to search values from right to the left. I have something like this: Sub vlokup() Dim...
  15. D

    Sql join question

    So below is my SQL query, but when I add the client.name it pulls every client in the system instead of just the one that has the one account i'm searching for in it. Is there a way to join one table to another to show me just the client's name on that one account? Select DCGI.Client...
  16. H

    Saving paper!

    I have report that consists of two columns and 451 rows; rather than print 10 pages where the two columns only take up half a page, I would like it to have 4 columns--in other words, the 44 rows on the left, then the next 44 on the right, then page two...etc etc...so that I cut the printed...
  17. A

    Scatter Graph with Times

    I work for a fire department and I am trying to create graph which shows response times to a city. The data that I have is the date, response time in seconds and response time in minutes. I would like the date at the bottom and five minute increments on the left with a continuous line showing...
  18. sharky12345

    Populate Combobox with Dynamic Range problem

    I'm using this to populate a series of Comboboxes on a Userform from a dynamic named range; Me.Controls("ComboStaff" & i).List = ws.Range("NewAvailableStaff").Value It works fine until there is only 1 item left in the range and then I get an error, Is there a way I can avoid this?
  19. B

    Rectangles Place

    Hi,I want to create different sizes of rectangles with inputs. Then I want to optimally place these dimensions in a specific area (ex: 80cmx160cm). I using method that start with biggest rectangle following firstly go bottom after move left if possible. Actually this method the same with tetris...
  20. A

    vlookup question 2

    sorry for creating another thread but in previous thread i forgot to mention this (i also tried but i failed) i have these strings: blah-blah-blahCK-N-blah blah-blah-blahLX-N-blah blah-blah-blahXF-V-blah and i have these "conditions" (2 different's) in "vlookup conditions" sheet: please...

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