1. S

    Cannot use advanced sorting after .cvs import

    I have tried over an hour and cannot figure out why it won't sort correctly. I have imported a .cvs file and delimited. I am trying to sort with 2 levels on 2 columns. It sorts fine when I only sort 1 level. When I sort with 2 levels, the 1st level sorts correctly, but the second level I create...
  2. Ampleford

    Tabulated Data

    Hi there, We have a system that issues tabled data which appears in the following format:- Column A | Column B Level | Description Top Level | Top Level Description (2 "spaces") 2nd Level Code |(2 "spaces")...
  3. Roderick_E

    Factorial total number finding loop

    I'm working to make a macro for my accounting team to look at a range of invoices that equal some user defined total. I've seen other solutions even using add-in Solver and none work as well as my version below. (No ego intended) PROBLEM: The problem is, my version below only goes out 4 levels...
  4. P


    Hi I have a spread sheet with over 300 names each name has a score (number) I also have a table with 4 levels each level has a number range eg: 14-45. What I am trying to do is pull the names of which level I select eg: level 2 is a range of 6- 12 so I should be able to see all names with a...
  5. V

    Macro to copy data from multiple workbooks to new sheet

    HI I would wonder if anyone can help me to solve this.. I have 10+ excel files in folder, each workbook contains worksheet named as All Levels, I want to copy data in All Levels sheet to Sheet 2 in my new workbook.
  6. G

    Cross filtering slicers regular pivot

    Hi all, I have several pivot tables based on the same cube and connected slicers cross all of them. Unfortunately the slicers act independently of each-other. I.e; I have a dimension hierarchy of 9 levels. If I filter my pivot tables using slicers on level 3, I would like to only be able to...
  7. D

    excel smartart labeled hierachy chart keep shapes inside leves

    Hello everyone, As I add levels using the text pane to my labeled hierarchy chart the shapes do not move or resize to remain in the labeled level. How do I keep them in the correct levels?
  8. GomaPile

    1, 2 skip a few 99, 100 scenarios

    Hello All, I have a simple request, if that someone could kindly please write a vba code. I have a single scroll bar (ActiveX control) that is connected to H25 cell; to which it goes up increment levels by one with every mouse click, starting from 1 – 194. What I like to achieve at some...
  9. F

    The specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more levels of nesting than allowed in the current file format

  10. R

    Convert list to tree

    Hi, I have 2 column table (name, subname). I would like to look up whether each subname for a given name is also used as a name and has a subname. If yes, add this subname behind original subname and repeat for the new subname unless no subname is left, then next row. Any idea? I can...
  11. G

    Mapping from Rows into Columns with Shared Values

    Hi All; I have a lot of data (some of which I've shown below) that I'm trying to map in a certain way. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 27 1005516 1005510 1005511 1005510 1005514 1005511 1005411 1005511 1005513 1005512 1005510 1005513 1005410 1005515 1005512 1005516...
  12. J

    Any way to determine width of Data Group panel

    In excel, when you group: rows, data grouping levels are shown in a frame to the left of row numbers columns, data grouping levels are shown in a frame above column letters Is there a way to determine the width of the frame added to excels window?
  13. X

    Specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more levels of nesting than are allowed

    I have an IF/THEN, VLOOKUP formula that is tied to a dropdown list of months, but I'm running into the issue of exceeding the max of 7 levels. I have seen a lot of posts on switching to CHOOSE, INDEX, LOOKUP, MATCH, but I can't translate these solutions for my issue. Cell A3 is the month...
  14. N

    Study Group in India

    Dear participants from India, Greetings to you and hope you had a great 69th Republic Day celebration yesterday! As we all know, clearing different levels of ModelOff is very challenging and winning the competition is a Herculean task, at the very least! (All thanks to the wonderful team...
  15. I

    The specified formula can not be entered because it uses more than 64 levels of nesting.

    Dears Group Members, I have very long excel (IF) Formula with 292 criteria, a message appear tells me that: (" The specified formula can not be entered because it uses more than 64 levels of nesting"). I ask for your prompt advice/reply in order to overcome the above mentioned error...
  16. L

    sum if help

    hi everyone! i need to sum 4 cells in columns A-D...some of the cells have an error #value ! which I want the formula to ignore. Take Row 5 in table 1 below for examples: Cell A5 and B5 have numbers, but cell C5 and D5 have an erroe...i want cell E5 to only total the cells with numbers. If...
  17. S

    Labelling Column and Row Groups

    Is it possible to label grouped row levels with a text label, rather than "1" , "2" etc ?
  18. A

    IF Formula and more levels

    Dear Gents, I need some help please. this Formula not working ( the specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more levels of nesting than are allowed in the current file format ) do you have any idea to solve this . =IF(H2:H2="401";"A"; IF(H2:H2="403";"B"; IF(H2:H2="408";"C"...
  19. B

    Integrate two Tables from different worksheets

    Hi, all - I have an inventory interface we use to track items that have left our store location without payment. We would like to make the interface more detailed, so we have uploaded our Master SKU List into the same Excel workbook (this includes inventory levels, item description, etc.)...
  20. D

    Conditional formatting for non-alphabetic data

    Hi there, I have managed to sort some data according to non-alphabetical criteria. Specifically, I have sorted a range of data for children's attainment levels where 4E (year 4 emerging) comes before 4D (year 4 developing), which comes before 4S (year 4 secure), etc. So I have used 'Custom...

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