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    Common Reference Library Descriptions

    Has anyone compiled a list or an index of Common Reference Libraries with general descriptions of functionality or intended use? I found this: but it is quite limited considering the large number of libraries...
  2. G

    Help with understanding Declare Function & Windows Messages/Controls

    I have been studying some of the code snippets posted to the forums. I have a very broad question to ask, so forgive me if I ramble. I am trying to understand how VBA works with Windows Controls, Messages, etc. I don't have anything specific in mind that I'm trying to do, but I want to learn it...
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    PC vs Mac

    Dear All, I wrote a code in vba for PC with a simple userform that collect informations and copy them in a sheet. One of the users switched to Mac and I'm not able to convert the code so she can use it. These are the declarations in my file Option Explicit Sub workbook_Open()...
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    Using Outlook Object Library in Excel VBA - supporting older versions

    Hi everyone, I have been having trouble with libraries in Excel VBA. I need access to some basic Outlook VBA, so have added the Outlook 14.0 Object Library. Only problem then is if that is used on a machine running Office 2007, it does not then reference 12.0 as it does with other libraries. Is...

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