1. A

    Copy of column content by line range.

    Good morning everyone. You currently have a report where I must perform data repairs. In question, a copy and paste of data in specific columns through a specific line. graphically it is this. ( Column A shows the line where I must carry out the...
  2. F

    Extract specific lines from a TXT file to an Excel Sheet

    Dear all, I am being new to VBA (learned about the existance of VBA 2 weeks ago), and I have a question about the extraction of data from a txt file. I have a code that extracts the data of a txt file to my excel sheet, and I wanted to know about the existence of a formula that could only...
  3. A

    excel export to txt file without tabs

    hi Folks, I'm trying to make a post for a Fanuc milling machine. I've got most of it working now, except for one thing. The problem are the tabs behind the lines when exported to .TAP, the machine cant read these tabs. Is there an option to add to the code below so it leaves out these tabs? (I...
  4. K

    Line thickness problem when printing to pdf

    Hello everyone. As you may have already exprienced yourselfs, excel is not producing nicely looking pds when it comes to linetype and line thickness representation for the borders of the cells. Usually the lines seem too thick, which I could tolerate to some extent, but if the lines are...
  5. P

    VBA loop within a loop, to identify identical values

    Hello experts, I am sorry about the title. It might not be the best title to describe what I am looking for... I am actually trying to create a code that will loop through orders (order lines) and check the codes next to each order number. If all the lines of code next to each order are ZERO...
  6. M

    Best way eliminate rows with multiple status from a count?

    I receive data from our ERP system on vouchers that create errors. I want to have a measure that tells me how many voucher lines were closed within the last week. But... a voucher can create multiple errors - one might be closed during that week, but if the same line has an open error I don't...
  7. C

    Matching cells, adding blank lines

    Hello, I've got an idea for a spreadsheet but am not sure where to get started. I have two tabs (Tab A and Tab B); each tab contains materials for a job. Each group of materials "A" column is the system into which the material was taken off. I would like to have all of my column A from Tab A...
  8. K

    Timeline slicer: 2x click total of the pivot provides too many lines

    Hi, I have set up a timeline slicer on a pivot for a tool in Office 365. The users use Office 2013 and the pivot behaves exactly the same on both versions: if we put the slicer on today's date, we have the result of all the lines of today. But we need more than that. In my version, if I double...
  9. S

    Graph with Bars (Ranges) & Lines

    Hello, How would I go about making a graph which plots a number of bars (representing ranges) and lines on the same graph as per below: I would like the lines (which represent the 5th and 95th percentiles of the ranges) to intersect the range as shown in the image. Any ideas?
  10. M

    Chart Help

    Hello, I'm using excel 2016. Every time I try to do a bar chart, it comes up as thin lines going up and down. Modifying doesn't seem to help. Where are the bars? How can I get the lines to go away and show me the thick bars that I want? Thanks in advance.
  11. R

    Remove commented lines

    I have an excel spreadsheet containing many rows copied from VBE. Some of these contain comments - always with a ' in column 1. I would like to delete these lines, but the ' is a hidden character and the program can not find it. Any suggestions, please?
  12. P

    Removing Duplicates

    Hi all, Good day again! I would like to ask for your expertise on the following: I am currently working on an excel sheet where it contains 1000+ data, the problem is, the data contains A LOT of duplicates. Now, I tried removing the duplicates, it removed the duplicates as expected, however...
  13. S

    Formula using indirect

    Hi all, I need a little bit of a help to make a formula... I might have two lines with the same component in a big list, and I want my stock figure to be updated in the second line based on previous calculation. I tried to use indirect and ROW()-1, but had no luck. So, I have a available...
  14. N

    Conditional formatting

    HI, Newbie here, have formatted a table to grey out rows based on a condition on a column, but it has overridden my rag colouring, can anyone help? I have the if = to AR then format then this is for the lines - =$R10="Yes"
  15. O

    VBA Macro to Fill Down a column(s) with the same data

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. To keep it simple, is there a simple code line(s) that allow me to fill down automatically one column, with the value from a specific cell (I3 here), until the end of data (variable number of rows)? I have 600 files and the number of...
  16. P

    Deleting Lines with a Macro Command

    Hello guys, I have an excel file with some records that are copied/pasted from a website. Due to the site's structure when I paste the data on excel, some cells cause the line to split (see an example below) and the surname of the person goes to the below line which except this cell all the...
  17. C

    How to Re-Write a Very Long Formula

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with tens of thousands of formulas like the following. I've split it over multiple lines for readability. =IFERROR(IF(K156=0,0, IF($J156<=AC156,AC$2, IF($J156<=AD156,AD$2, IF($J156<=AE156,AE$2, IF($J156<=AF156,AF$2, IF($J156<=AG156,AG$2...
  18. E

    Production optimization in Excel

    Hi, I have an optimization problem, that I'm trying to solve in Excel, but it keeps getting too complex (too many columns/iterations), and I hope someone in the forum may be able to give some pointers. On a given day, at a given timeslot, I have 6 production lines, each with different...
  19. K

    How to reduce betting blokes that can guarantee max 1 incorrect

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here I have a question how to reduce betting blokes that can guarantee max 1 incorrect, what I mean this, for example "Euromillions" playing 8 numbers direct we are playing 56 lines it cost 140€ "Formula=COMBIN(8,5)" if out of 8 numbers 5...
  20. O

    Removing Lines that change location from downloaded Reports

    I would like to find out if it is possible to remove lines from reports I download daily. The lines change position, say lines 20-22 could be on one report and the next day the same report shows the lines I want to delete on lines 30-32. The last line always contains specific words "data can...

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