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    Baskeball Lineup - Aggregate minutes

    Hopefully I can explain this well enough for someone to help me. I track stats for a basketball team, and am looking to sum up the total minutes every particular lineup of players is on the court. This data would be on a new worksheet as since we have 12 players on the team, if I calculate it...
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    Unique question about running solver multiple times

    I have a spreadsheet for playing daily fantasy basketball; in this spreadsheet, I have the players' names, salaries, and projected fantasy points. I have set up solver to find the optimal lineup each night (highest projected fantasy point total) that fits in the constraints I have set. However...
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    Fantasy Sports Lineup Generator

    I am trying to make a spreadsheet that generates all possible player combinations that meet the requirements. The criteria are a 6 player lineup, each player has it's own individual salary, and a $50,000 lineup salary cap. I narrowed down the player pool to 20 players and each lineup must...

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